How to Change eSewa Password?- 2 Easy Ways

eSewa is Nepal’s top digital payment service provider with more than 2 million active users. It is widely used for secure and easy online transactions. As it is popular, there are different queries regarding how to change esewa password. There are many such cases when users want to change their password for security reasons or reset it if they forget it. Whatever be the reason, here is a complete guide for you to change your eSewa password easily following few simple steps.

Why is it Important to Change Your Password regularly?

The devices which we use carry a lot of sensitive and important data. This may include your password sometimes. There is high risk of exposure of your passwords from the saved devices if it is not changes for the long time. Changing your password avoids a number of dangers like this.

It is also difficult to figure out if someone else is using your account, so changing your password consistently reduces the risk that other people will have access to your accounts.

It is recommended to change the password at least once every 60-90 days, if not more. Limiting the lifespan of a password reduces the risk and effectiveness of password-based attacks and unauthorized access.

How to Change eSewa Password?

First of all, you need an eSewa ID active. If you haven’t created eSewa account and done your KYC verification yet, check out this article.

How to Create and Verify eSewa Account? – TechnoKD

You can follow different methods as per your ease to change your eSewa password. If you have forgotten the eSewa password and want to reset its password you can follow this method. Here’s How.

1.Open eSewa App.

2. Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option.

3. Enter your mobile number used in Esewa.

How to Change eSewa Password

4. Enter the verification code sent in the message to proceed.

5. Enter the new MPIN and it will be changed successfully.

How to Change eSewa MPIN

Note: Your password must be minimum 8 digits with special characters (!#$^&*), numerical characters (0123456789) and alphabetical characters (…) eg: brt123!

You must set a secure and strong password secure your ID or account from cybercriminals or unauthorized users access. For this you can go through this article if you need help.

How to Set a Secure and Strong Password?

Similarly you can change your eSewa password manually from settings. This option is generally followed if you want to change your MPIN for security or any other reasons. Here’s How.

1. Click on three dotted verticle line to open menu.


2. Tap on Settings from the given option.

3. Click on ‘Change MPIN’.

How to Change eSewa password

5. Enter the new MPIN and it will be changed successfully.

How to Change eSewa password

Folowing these two methods, you can easily change your eSewa password. You can follow similar steps to change your eSewa password from web portal as well.

I hope this article was be helpful to you. If you have any queries regarding this topic do comment in the comment section.

If you are having difficulties in changing your eSewa password, you can for If you can contact to the eSewa’s Toll-Free Number: 1660-01-02121, email eSewa at or Viber at +9771234512345.

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