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How to Delete eSewa Account?

eSewa is the first online payment service in Nepal. It is very popular for its features like mobile banking, paying electricity and water bills, booking tickets, mobile phone recharge, etc. However, some people want to delete their eSewa account due to many reasons. Whatever your reason is, here’s how to delete eSewa account.

Is it possible to delete your personal data from eSewa?

There are about three million people with an eSewa account. Most of them have done KYC Verification as it offers various features like transactions above Rs. 5,000 per transaction, transfer money to bank accounts, etc. It means they have provided all their important data along with a copy of their ID’s like citizenship or license or passport.

You can uninstall it from your phone easily and close your account as well. But don’t think it will get them to delete your data off their system. Nepal doesn’t have such laws as of now that constrain service providers to erase data if a user wants to.

So, You should be aware that just deactivating your eSewa account won’t wipe all your personal data. For this, we contacted eSewa customer care and they gave us the following steps to permanently close the eSewa account.

How to Delete eSewa Account?

You need to file a formal request to the company through email to delete your eSewa account. Also, you need to make your account zero balance and provide a valid reason for your account deletion.

This might sound strange to make the account with zero balance and again give a valid reason but this is the only way out as per eSewa. As per the consumer privacy act of different countries, you don’t need to provide a reason for your request to delete the data. But these laws are not exercised in Nepal.

In summary, you need to follow these steps to delete your eSewa account:

  1. Withdraw all amounts from the eSewa account.
  2. Email eSewa at
  3. State the reasons why you want your data and account be deleted.
  4. Provide all the relevant information regarding your account.
  5. You will immediately receive an email from eSewa regarding your complaint.
  6. eSewa will delete your account after verifying all your information.

Letter Format for eSewa Account Deletion

                                                                Date: 30th Jun 2021
The Manager
eSewa Fonepay Pvt. Ltd
Subject: Closure of eSewa Account

Dear Sir/Madam,

I request you to close my eSewa account with eSewa ID 980******* [Your eSewa ID] as I am not interested to continue it due to different circumstances. I have also withdrawn all the balance from my eSewa account. Kindly close this account permanently.
I hope for the positive response from you.

Thanking You,
Chet Raj Thapa
eSewa ID: 980*******
Kathmandu-04, Nepal

Click here to download the letter format for the eSewa Account Deletion

However, In certain cases, you cannot close your eSewa account which are:

  • Suspicious transaction
  • Pending transaction
  • Blocked account

This is all about deleting the eSewa account. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any queries regarding this topic, do comment on us.

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