How to Unban Someone on Discord?

Discord is a great topic-based and organized communication app. It is a must to have rules and regulations to enjoy its features. And when one doesn’t follow through, one can get banned from the server.

That is why, you should know how to unban someone on Discord.

The ban could be a warning and might be temporary as well. Under such circumstances, as an admin of the server, you should know how to unban someone on Discord. Banning someone on Discord can show the consequences of not following its guidelines.

If you are creating discomfort in the server, then the admin or moderator will get you to kick out. If you get server-banned, then you cannot access the server you have been banned from. Your IP address gets banned so no new account or a device running with your IP address can get you back until you are unbanned.

If your violation is more severe, you might be system-wide banned, after which you won’t be able to use any servers at all. This is done by Discord itself when you do not comply with their warnings.

How to Unban Someone on Discord?

Unbanning someone on Discord on a desktop will be the same steps for a PC, laptop, Mac user. And the steps on the phone would be the same for iPhone or Android users. Unbanning would be easier when done through a server, but it can also be done by using bots. Some of the most popular bots that can be used are:

  • MEE6
  • Dyno
  • Carl
  • ProBot
  • Arcane

If you were using Discord’s settings, then this is how it is done:

On a desktop:

1.     Right-click the server that has the banned member.

How to Unban Someone on Discord

2.     Go to Server Settings and click Bans.

How to Unban Someone on Discord

3.     Click on the member you want to unban and press Revoke Ban.

Click on the member you want to unban and press Revoke Ban

An alternate first step to this could be to open the server from which you want to unban a member and click the down arrow right next to your server.

Click the down arrow right next to your server to open Server Settings

Then everything else is just the same.

On a phone:

1. Open the server with the banned member.

2. Click the three vertical dots and press Settings.

Click the three vertical dots and press Settings

3. Tap on Bans and click on the member you want to unban.

Tap on Bans and click on the member you want to unban on Discord

4. Press Unban to confirm.

Press Unban to confirm


  • Why can’t I ban someone on Discord?

If you aren’t the server’s admin or moderator, then you cannot ban someone on Discord. It is against Discord’s policies to be able to ban someone else when you are only a member of someone’s server.

  • Is the ban on Discord permanent?

It depends on the type of ban. If the ban is a platform ban, then that means the user violated the Discord Terms of Service or the Discord Community Guidelines. The ban level can go from receiving a warning, getting banned for an hour, temporary ban, account termination to permanently getting banned on Discord. And if it is a server ban, a user with permission can bring back the banned user to be able to join the discord server again.  

  • Can you ban an unbanned contact again?

Yes, you can. It is just the same way you banned them the first time, and as we’ve mentioned already, you need to be an admin or the moderator of the server.

  • What happens when you ban someone on Discord?

Other than not being able to send or receive text or voice messages, you ban their IP address too. So, other people who use the same IP address would also not be able to join this server once you ban someone.

  • What if I have been wrongly banned?

You’d have to contact Discord Service and submit your request to unban you. Go to this request ticket form to describe your issue. You will see the question ‘What can we help you with?’ where you should select “Trust & Safety” and fill out your email address, subject, and description for your complaint. In the question ‘How can we help?’ click “Appeals, age update, other questions”. If you took screenshots of the inappropriate ban, then upload them on the optional attachment feature and submit it.

Final Thoughts

There might be so many reasons why an admin or Discord itself can decide to ban you. It might serve as a warning or a consequence when you do not abide by the Discord Community Guidelines.

However, if you’ve learned your lesson, or if the ban was a sincere mistake, you can always unban the person. Staying under the friendly regulations allow you to enjoy Discord at its fullest and we hope you get to reap from its benefits too.

We hope you learned how to unban someone on Discord through this.

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