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How to Turn On Dark Mode On Tiktok?

Tiktok is a popular social media that has been gaining popularity for the last few years. You can make short videos on health, fitness, beauty, fashion, comedy and grow on the platform. People have been fond of the app so much these days that they forget about time while scrolling endlessly. Such an action can be difficult for our eyes. Therefore, you might want to use the dark mode on Tiktok. Read this full article to find out how to turn on dark mode on Tiktok.

The dark mode is a colour theme in which the texts, icons, apps, and other elements are displayed light coloured on a dark background. However, the colours don’t change in media like photos and videos.

Why don’t I have a dark mode on TikTok?

Currently, Tiktok has not released dark mode for android. However, a dark theme is available for IOS. Even if you have turned on the dark theme on your android, your Tiktok display screen will still be in a light theme. We are not sure when Tiktok will release dark mode for android, but seeing the progress of Tiktok features, we can assume it’s on the way. Also, Tiktok’s overall video display screen is dark themed so that may be a reason for the unavailability of a dark theme.

How to Turn on Dark Mode on Tiktok?

Scrolling endlessly on Tiktok can be really straining for our eyes. The strong white theme can make it difficult for our eyes. It may cause eye dryness and burning eyes. However, you cannot turn on dark mode on Tiktok on an android as the feature is not available yet. On the desktop, you can turn on dark mode on Tiktok by using a third-party app.

Unfortunately, Tiktok has not released the dark mode for android. However, the theme is pretty much the same as the videos are displayed on a black screen. However, the other areas like comments, profile, and making own videos are on light mode.

You cannot directly turn on dark mode on the desktop too. However, you can still get the same experience by using third party extensions. Extensions like Turn off the Lights, Dark Mode Tiktok, Night Eye, etc, are available in chrome to experience the dark mode. You can easily install them and experience the dark theme. Follow the following steps to know how to turn on dark mode on Tiktok on a desktop.

1. Search ‘Turn off the Lights’ on Google search and open the extension site.

2. Click on ‘Add to Chrome.’

3. Click on ‘Add extension.’

4. Click on the ‘Extensions Icon’, and then click on ‘Pin Icon.’

5. Click on ‘Light bulb Icon.’

6. The dark mode has been applied.

This way, you can easily turn dark mode on Tiktok. The turn it off extension can be used on other websites as well to get the dark mode experience. You just have to click on the light bulb icon to switch between the themes.

What are the Advantages of Dark Mode?

The white light coming from light mode can strain our eyes. Long term use of white light can also be associated with myopia. Whereas using dark mode controls the emissions of light, and the black screen makes it easier to look at the screen for an extended amount of time. Dark Mode is also found to consume less power than the light mode.


Hence, you can turn on dark mode on Tiktok following the above-mentioned steps. We hope we have answered your query. Thank you for reading our article to the end. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section. Share this article with your friends and family who may need it. You might also want to read: How to speed up videos on Tiktok?

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