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How to See World Wide Trends on Twitter in 2023?

Twitter is one of the most used social media applications. From local to worldwide trending news can be easily accessed through Twitter. And if you are having trouble getting used to Twitter, we are here to guide you through the steps to see worldwide trends on Twitter.

What does it mean to be a Twitter Trending Topic?

Just like Facebook and Instagram, you can upload pictures, chat and see worldwide trends on Twitter. Twitter has always been a home for a mass audience to come and just vent their ideas and opinions for a variety of people to watch. People can see local and worldwide trends on Twitter and stay connected to the world in the comfort of their own homes.

Twitter sorts tweets by a certain algorithm. Bing a trending topic on Twitter basically means that the topic has been discussed by people the most. A trending topic could be a celebrity, a word, place, movies, political instance or news subject.

Since Twitter sorts tweets by region/country, you will be able to search and see trends of the specific region only. You can change and explore the location and we are here to make the process easier for you. Here’s how you can customize your settings to see worldwide trends on Twitter.

How to See World Wide Trends on Twitter?

While most people who have been on Twitter for a long period of time could be well versed on the features provided by it. This article is intended for new users or users who are not as familiar with the different features of Twitter. Following these steps, you can easily see worldwide trends on the Twitter feed.

On Android

1. Log onto your Twitter account and click on your profile.

2. Go to “Settings and Privacy“.

Settings and Privacy on Android Twitter app

3. Select “Privacy and Safety“.

Privacy and Safety settings

4. Go to “Content you see“.

Content customization

5. Select “Explore settings“.

Explore settings to navigate location

The option of “Show content in this location” is on by default. Click on the option to turn it off.

Expand Explore location option

After that, you will find the “Explore Location” under “Show content in this location“.

6. Select “Explore Location“.

Explore location to see world wide trends on twitter on android

You can choose the country of your choice and be able to see trends of the specific country on your feed.

On Desktop

You can log on to Twitter on a desktop either via a web browser or by downloading the application. Since people usually browse through mobile applications. Twitter for desktop can seem a little complicated to people using it for the first time. we will guide you through the step-by-step procedure to see worldwide trends on Twitter using pc.

1. Log into your Twitter account.

2. Select “More” option.

Initiate the steps to see world wide trends on twitter

3. Click on “Setting and Privacy“.

Settings and Privacy

4. Go to “Privacy and Safety“. Select “Content you see“.

Content customization within privacy and safety

5. Click on “Explore settings“.

explore setting to select location

Just like on android you will notice that “Show content in this location” is on by default. Turn it off by unchecking the on the side of the option.

explore location

After that, you will get “Explore Location” under the “Show content in this location“.

See world wide trends on twitter on pc

Select the country of your choice to see world trends of that country on Twitter.

How to See Local Trends on Twitter?

You can also search and watch local trends of your country on Twitter. On the Android application, go to the search option on the lower section of your feed. You will be welcomed by plenty of topics trending currently in your country by the Hashtag (#).

Search local trends on android

On the pc, select the “Explore” option on the left side of your feed to watch the topic trended by the hashtag symbol.

See local trends on twitter on pc

You can also follow the topic of your liking and watch news, articles, updates and tweets under the same topic whenever you wish. By making a topic a “trend“, you are basically letting a large audience reach the topic and updates regarding the subject matter. It is also a quick idea to go viral on Twitter.


We hope this article was helpful to learn about hashtags and ways to see worldwide trends on Twitter. Twitter is definitely one of the well-known platforms to mass publicize an idea. But with wide exposure comes criticism on the same level. Do you want to go viral on Twitter?

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