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How to See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist?

Spotify is one of the best online music streaming platforms with 172 million premium subscribers worldwide. This platform allows its users to create playlists with songs of their liking. Other users are provided with the function to like and follow those playlists on Spotify.

This platform allowed its users to view who liked their Spotify playlists till 2013. But unfortunately, it does not do so now. Playlists are one of the most important and the absolute best features of Spotify. Users are able to create playlists of their favourite songs to enjoy and share with their friends and other people. So, it is common for them to want to check who liked it.

Let’s talk about some of the alternative ways to see who liked your Spotify Playlist in the article below.

How to See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist?

Even though Spotify does not allow you to see who liked your Spotify playlist, it does let you check how many people have liked it. Since there is no news of Spotify adding the feature we are looking for soon, it is our best option. You can see how many people liked your Spotify playlist by:

1. Open Spotify and select your library.

2. Click on your profile icon and tap ‘View Profile’.

3. Click on ‘Playlists’.

The total number of likes will appear below each playlist.

Check Who Follows You on Spotify Playlist

As mentioned above there is no built in feature to see who liked your Spotify playlist. Though, there might be one slightly possible hack of viewing your followers and seeing if anyone new joined. Watching hours of YouTube tutorials and reading numerous verified articles, I realized that it is not a sure and reliable hack but if you are really curious and want to know about it anyhow, there is no loss in trying this.

What you can do is check your previous playlist’s number of likes and followers and compare it with the latest ones. Also, remember that it is not a sure hack and that everyone who follows you might not have liked that playlist and everyone that liked the playlist might not follow you. To check your followers on Spotify:

1. Log into your Spotify account on Phone or Pc.

2. Click on your profile icon and tap ‘View Profile’.

3. Tap on ‘Followers’ option.

This only shows who is following your playlist and you can compare the followers of our playlists to get an idea of who liked them.

Will Spotify Add the Feature to View Who Liked Your Playlist?

There is no sure answer to this. It has been about a decade since 2013 when Spotify removed its feature to see who liked your Spotify playlist. Thousands of users worldwide have requested the platform to bring that old function back. But as of 2019, Spotify announced that they have not decided anything on that topic and that they are not planning to implement it anytime soon.

This suggests that it might be years before they add back this feature to the platform. It seems like they removed this feature to ensure maximum safety of Spotify listeners. Over 22,000 users have requested Spotify to bring back its feature. You too can comment a feature request to the Spotify Communication Board if you really want it added back to the Platform.


Thus, since you cannot in any manner with proper proof see who liked your Spotify playlist, you can still compare and see the number of likes through the hacks mentioned above and hope that Spotify re introduces this feature back to the platform so that us, as users can see who liked our playlists.

Hope this article was helpful in clearing your doubts.

Do leave comments if you face any problems.

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