How to Find Unread Messages in Messenger?

Messenger is a platform provided by Meta this is exclusively used for communication purposes. This platform allows its users to send all sorts of messages to their friends. You may want to find and reply to the messages but feel difficult to find unread messages in Messenger. Let us then discuss the solution to how to find unread messages in Messenger.

There might be times when you just want to see the messages which you have not read on Messenger. If you are a business account then there is a high chance, you want to reply to more people. Previously Messenger gave you the option to filter out unread messages by just filtering them from Unread Threads. However, with the newer updates that feature of Messenger is gone. You need to perform an extra step to find unread messages on Messenger.

How to Find Unread Messages in Messenger?

As we said, there is no direct way to filter out the unread messages in Messenger nowadays. You will need to find the unread messages yourself in such cases. Messenger now indicates message reactions as replies making it more difficult for you to find the actual unread messages. There are two different methods to find unread messages in Messenger. They are:

  1. From Notification
  2. From Message Requests

From Notification

The easiest way to find unread messages in Messenger is by seeing the notification. In simple words, if you see the person’s name and message in bold it can be said unread. This is manual work and there is no other alternative for this method. In order to find unread Messages in Messenger follow these steps below:

1. Open Messenger on your phone or PC.

2. Find the messages which are bold along with the sender’s name.

how to find unread messages in Messenger

If the message is in bold it means that you have not opened the message. This is the easiest way and the only working method to find unread messages in Messenger directly.

From Message Requests

Sometimes you may also notice that you do not receive notifications for Message requests nowadays. Messenger used to send the notifications previously but not now. So, there is a high chance that you have not read the messages in the message request. When people who are not in your Messenger text you then the messages go to Requests. So, in order to find unread messages which are in the message request follow these steps:

1. Open the Messenger application and tap on your profile picture.

how to find unread messages in Messenger?

2. Tap on ‘Message requests’.

how to find unread messages in Messenger?

3. You will find all the messages in the request which you have not read.

how to find unread messages in Messenger?

If you have moved the messages to Spam then there is a high chance that you also have not read those messages. You can move the message to Spam or ignore the message. The notification of those messages will also not be visible to you. So, you can also check those messages by tapping on Spam by the side of You may know.

So by following the steps above you will be able to find unread messages in Messenger which are in the request. You can follow the same steps on PCs as well as smartphones to find the message requests.

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Why is My Messenger Showing an Unread Message?

You may notice that nowadays Messenger shows that you have received a message when you can not find the message. This might be due to various reasons. The first being you have received a reaction to your message. Messenger also counts this as a message and you might find it difficult to track. The next reason is due to cache memory in your application. You can clear Messenger Cache and it works most of the time. So due to the reactions in your message and cache your Messenger shows an unread message.


From this article, we tried to provide you with the answer to how to find unread messages in Messenger. We hope this article proved to be of use to you. If you found this article useful, do share this with your friends and family. Also, if you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us via the comment section below.

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