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How to Delete Gmail Search History?

Gmail is a free email service provided by Google which is one the most used service. It is efficient, intuitive, and useful and hence you do not need to scroll down to what you are searching for. You can just search for it on the search bar.

But searching so often can easily clutter your search history. This is why you need to know how to delete Gmail search history. Deleting unnecessary or less used search keywords prevents it from popping in with the auto-fill feature too.

So, keep on reading to find out how to delete Gmail search history to make your work more organized.

How to Delete Gmail Search History?

You can delete your Gmail search history on your phone or a desktop. Using the following mentioned steps, you are deleting one Gmail search history at a time.

On Android:

1. Open the Gmail app and go to the Menu icon.

2. Click on Settings and open “General settings”.

How to Delete Gmail Search History

3. Click on the three vertical dots on the top-right side.

How to Delete Gmail Search History

4. Select Clear search history and then press Clear.

How to Delete Gmail Search History

On iPhone:

1. Open the Gmail app and go to the Menu icon.

2. Click on Settings.

3. Click on your Gmail address or your initials.

4. Click “Clear search history”.

5. Select CLEAR to remove all of your search histories through all your devices.

On Mac/ Desktop/ Laptop:

1. Sign in to your Gmail account using a web browser.

2. Type the keyword in the search tab that you want to delete.

3. Click the X sign next to your keyword.

How to Delete Gmail Search History on Mac, Desktop, Laptop

Note: Doing this does remove your search history from Google Activity, but the activity log will remain in your browser history. If the activity log bothers you, then you will have to delete the specific activity from the browser history or clean out the browser history, cookies, and caches too.

How do I view My Activity?

“My Activity” is a place that keeps a record of your activities such as your Google searches, watched videos, that takes place with your Google account.

To view and control what activity happens, you’ll have to:

1. Open your Google Account and click Data & privacy.

How do I view My Activity in Google Account
Click Data & privacy in Google Account

2. Click “My Activity” under ‘History settings’.

Click My Activity under History settings

We have also discussed how to batch remove your Gmail search history down below. You have to go through your activity list to decide what stays and what goes away.

Note: Deleting applies also to your activities, not just your Gmail search history.

Can I batch remove my Gmail search history?

Yes, you can. Batch removing your search history is useful when you want to delete a lot of search history collected over time. Your desktop and your phone history will be synced in one place, so you can delete all the search history with one device.

What you’d have to do is:

1. Go to My Google Activity and find Search your activity box.

2. Select Filter by date & product and select Gmail.

Can I batch remove my Gmail search history
Select Gmail to batch remove my Gmail search history

3. You can click X to entirely delete a chunk of a device’s history.

Click X to batch remove my Gmail search history

Or you could go to ‘Filter by date & product’ and select your desired time filter and then click Gmail to filter your search activity into more details.

Note: You will find your search history from your desktop, phone, or any other device. If you want to delete a device’s search history, you can just click the X beside the activity.


So, have you learned how you delete Gmail search history? You can use one device to clear your history of all the devices you use. See it as an all-in-one efficiency tool.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever done a Gmail search history declutter.

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