How to Contact Facebook Support?

The number of active users on Facebook alone should give you a pretty good insight into how hectic it would be to manage the whole system. In such cases, it is inevitable to have errors or have users with malicious intents. If you are having any trouble you can contact Facebook support to assist you.

Though Facebook has not yet established human resources to listen to client issues, there are other ways you can reach Facebook support and get your problem solved. In this article, we have included several ways for you to explore when you need to contact Facebook support.

How to Contact Facebook Support?

On your PC, you can contact Facebook support through the Help center. You can easily access the option and Facebook provides you with enough information for you to be able to solve the issue by yourself. If the issue remains unresolved, you can further contact Facebook support through other contact options.

For now, follow the steps below to find Help Center and report your problem:

1. Go to Facebook.

2. ‘Log In ‘ to your account.

How to Contact Facebook Support?

3. Click on your profile and select ‘Help & support‘.

How to Contact Facebook Support?

Here, you will see three options. You can click any of them according to the problem you are facing. We have demonstrated the use of all three options below:

Help Center

1. Go to ‘Help Center‘.

How to Contact Facebook Support?

2. Tap on the search bar and type your problem.

How to Contact Facebook Support?

A list of articles relevant to your issue will pop up.

3. Select one that describes your problem the most.

How to Contact Facebook Support?

You will be redirected to a complete procedural page where details regarding your issue will be given. In addition to that, if you look at the left side of your Help Center screen, you will find a bunch of different topics.

How to Contact Facebook Support?

You can also extend the drop-down menu and find articles that can help you solve the problems that fall under a specific topic. This way you can quickly resolve an issue without having to contact Facebook support.

Support Inbox

This is the only place you need to go if you want to keep track of things that you have reported on Facebook or simply want to get an update.

How to Contact Facebook Support?

You can also see whether requests you made were changed or not through this.

Report a Problem

Now, this is where you will find a portal to file reports on your issues.

1. Go to ‘Report a Problem‘.

How to Contact Facebook Support?

You will see two options ‘Help us improve Facebook‘ and ‘Something went wrong‘.

2. Click ‘Help us improve Facebook‘ if you have any suggestions to improve the facebook quality.

How to Contact Facebook Support?

3. Or if you have any complaints click on ‘Something went wrong‘.

How to Contact Facebook Support?

Fill up the form and click on ‘Submit‘ to finalize your report.

If you are an android or IOS user, you can take the same steps to file a report on Facebook. Simply click on the hamburger menu once you have logged into your account and scroll to find ‘Help & support‘. This way you can contact Facebook support.

Is there a Direct Way to Contact Facebook?

Facebook does have a helpline service and phone number that has been circulating around the internet and a way to contact Facebook Support. Though the currently available phone number are 650-308-7300 & 650-543-4800, both will only lead you to an automated voicemail urging you to either send a mail or get online help.

There is, however, a way to contact Facebook support directly and it is through email. The general way to contact Facebook support is through the mail address But there are more issue-specific emails provided by the app as well.

  • This address can be used to send emails regarding your account recovery.
  • There are strict Facebook Community Standards, if a situation arises that contradicts the rules set out by Facebook you can contact Facebook support through this email.
  • If your content or account gets suspended for unfair reasons, you can appeal to Facebook through this.

There are also various other email addresses such as,, and to help you with other issues. Make sure you have enough evidence to back up the issue when you contact Facebook support.


Does Facebook have Live Chat Support?

Unfortunately, Facebook does not exclusively support live chat features yet. Not everyone can get a hold of live chat to solve their queries. It has been made available in some countries for Meta Business and users who are logged out of their accounts. We can only wait and hope that this feature is available to everyone all around the world.

Is it Possible to Contact Facebook Support for Business?

Yes. Facebook provides a separate portal for you to visit with any queries related to your Business page. You can access Meta Business Help Center for this.

Can You Reach Facebook Through Other Social Media Platforms?

Absolutely. You can definitely try and reach out to Facebook through other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, you can directly message the official Facebook page or make a post tagging Facebook. Similarly, you can also ‘@‘ Facebook while posting on Twitter.

One major drawback of this method is that the probability of Facebook responding back is very slim. Unless you can gain huge traction on your post, Facebook will not even know about attempts to reach out to them. Thus, it would be a much better option to contact Facebook support through help center.


It’s highly unlikely that you won’t face any difficulties throughout the time you spend as an active Facebook user. Thus, it is better to have an idea of the exact ways to contact Facebook support to resolve your issues sooner. We hope this was a helpful article. Let us know if you have any queries.

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