How To Change Your Phone Number On Instagram in 2023?

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How To Change Your Phone Number On Instagram

Facebook and Instagram encourage users to add their phone numbers to their accounts to improve security. To utilize two-factor authentication, you must specifically supply your phone number. What happens, though, if you replace your old phone number with a new one?

In this article, we will teach you how to change your phone number on Instagram.

What is the purpose of adding a phone number to Instagram?

The major reason is two-factor authentication to verify your account. When you try to log in with only your password on a new device, Instagram won’t let you because it wants to make sure it’s you, and normally no one else has access to your phone but you.

Another cause is if you are unable to access your email account. You may simply reset your password by sending an SMS.

How To Change Your Phone Number On Instagram?

You can easily change your phone number on Instagram by going through settings. This can be done using Instagram App as well as Instagram web. Follow these step to change your phone number on Instagram.

1. Go to your Instagram Profile.

2. Click on ‘Edit Profile’.

How To Change Your Phone Number On Instagram

3. Go to ‘Personal Information Settings’.

How To Change Your Phone Number On Instagram

4. In your Phone number section, Erase the existing number and insert a new one.

5. Finally, verify your phone number through a confirmation code.

How To Change Your Phone Number On Instagram

As soon as your new phone number gets varified, your old number will be replaced by new one.

Alternatively, you can choose to not link any phone number to your Instagram account as well, by deleting the number from the text box.

In addition to this, it is important to know that we cannot change our phone numbers without logging into Instagram.

In fact, you can’t make any changes to your Instagram profile until you’re logged in. It’s not hard to understand why. If this were feasible, anybody may update your personal information without your knowledge or consent, which would be a severe security risk.

If you’re having difficulties logging in, you may use your current phone number or email address to get back in. To do so, go to the bottom of the login page and press ‘Forgot password’, then follow the on-screen instructions.

You’ll next be given the option of using your phone number or email address to regain your account. You will receive a link to your selected recovery tool, which you may use to regain access to your account.

Pro Tip: Have you signed up for a Business account? You can use a different business-related phone number in your profile’s contact information than the one you use in your personal settings. Select Edit Profile from your company’s profile and then Contact Options.After that tap on Business phone number and enter your company’s phone number in the appropriate space. To save it, click Done.

If you add your phone number to Instagram, will your contacts know?

If you’re wondering if your phone number will be visible to Instagram users, the answer is no.

Unless you include it in your Instagram business profile’s bio or contact choices, there will be no trace of your phone number.

How to Join Instagram Without a Phone Number?

You can sign up for an Instagram account with your Email address or a Facebook account. You may utilize the account creator to create Instagram accounts if you don’t want to register your account using your phone number or email address.

While a phone number is not required to register an Instagram account, Instagram may ask us to verify our account, which is essentially a login attempt. In such a situation, Instagram may provide you instructions on how to authenticate your account. If the method is Phone Verification, you must use your mobile phone number. That is the only option.

If you change your phone number, you shouldn’t have any problem getting into your Instagram or Facebook accounts. In just a few clicks, the two social media behemoths have ensured that you can replace your old number with a new one. And now that you’ve read this tutorial, you know precisely what you need to do


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