How to Change Phone Number in eSewa?

While setting an eSewa ID, you must have linked a phone number with it which is used for the login and verification process. You may be in need to replace this number with a new number due to different reasons. If you want to change your phone number in eSewa, this article can be helpful to you.

There are many reasons, you want to replace your mobile number in eSewa. Maybe you have lost your sim card or you are no more interested in using it. Whatever be the reason, you can change it easily following few simple steps.

First of All, you need to add your desired mobile number in eSewa Wallet. After that, you need to send an email to eSewa requesting to change your phone number. eSewa will verify your information and complete the process. Here’s the complete guide for you to change your phone number in eSewa ID.

How to Change Phone Number in eSewa?

Follow these steps to change your phone number in eSewa.

1. Login your eSewa account from eSewa App.

Click Here to Download eSewa App.

login eSewa

2. Click on ‘Profile’ icon and select ‘Devices and credentials’.

How to Change Phone Number in eSewa

3. Select ‘Credentials’ option and tap on ‘Add’ button.

How to Change Phone Number in eSewa

4. Enter your desired phone number and name of the user.

replace Phone Number

5. Verify your OTP which you will recieve through SMS.

varify your phone number in esewa

6. Create new MPIN  for the added mobile number and you are all done.

How to Change Phone Number in eSewa

After completing these steps, you need to verify the added number. It will be tick marked after the verification. Then only you will be able to use the added number for your login and other processes.

For this, you will have to send an email to eSewa at asking to replace the phone number. eSewa will switch your phone number automatically after verifying your information.

Letter Format for for changing your eSewa number.

                                                                Date: 8th July 2021
The Manager
eSewa Fonepay Pvt. Ltd
Subject: To Change Phone Number in eSewa

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to request you to change my old phone number which I had linked with eSewa ID as I am no more intrested in using it. Please replace my old mobile number 980******* [Your Old Phone Number] with new number 980******* [Your New Phone Number] as soon as possible.
I hope for the positive response from you.

Thanking You,
Chet Raj Thapa
eSewa ID: 980*******
Kathmandu-04, Nepal

Click here to download the letter format for changing your eSewa number.

After the verification from eSewa, you can remove your old phone number from your eSewa ID. Else it will be used as your secondary number.

This is all about changing the phone number of your eSewa account. If you have any queries regarding this topic, please comment on us. I have already written about different queries regarding the eSewa Wallet.

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