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How Much Storage Do I Need On My Laptop?

In the case of laptops, everyone’s needs are different. Some have to study, some have to watch movies, some have to deal with office work and some have to do gaming. For each of these tasks, laptops come in different storage and budget, whose specs are also different.

If you also want to buy a laptop but do not know how much storage you need for your work, don’t worry. Here is a complete article about how much storage do I need on my laptop. Laptops with different features are available in the market in various price ranges.

How Much Laptop Storage Do You Really Need?

If your budget is sweet and your work is constrained to studies and office, at that point you can think about getting Apple MacBook. But if your budget is limited and you need to do something on your laptop other than ponders and work, a windows laptop is the best alternative. There are many windows laptops available with distinctive features in various cost ranges.

The price of a laptop in the market is tied to its features and storage. If you want more storage then you will have to pay more money. Now, It comes to you how much storage you need. If you want to take a laptop just to run the internet and watch Netflix then 256 GB is enough for you.

If you want to keep all the photo film files on the laptop, then 512 GB will be enough for you. Because nowadays a film or web series is up to 5 or 7 GB and in the same way the photo file is also around 5 MB.

If you’re a video editor or designer, then you might need Photoshop, Premiere Pro or other software which requires around 5-8 GB of storage. Similarly, if you want to play games, then most of the games are also around 5 GB. If you take all the rest of your films, photos, and project files then you should have more storage on the laptop. I will advise you to get 1 TB of storage.

HHD or SSD: Which is better?

How Much Storage Do I Need On My Laptop?

Now it comes to which is best to take HHD or SSD. Foremost you have to know about it.

HDD (Hard Disk Drives): These drives use the traditional spinning disks and platter to perform read/write operations on different sectors of the drive.

SSD (Solid State Drives): These drives, on the other hand, utilize instantly accessible memory chips to store the data.

Earlier computers and laptops used to have hard disk drives or HDDs for storage. This was the machine in which all your data was saved. But they were slow, heavy, got very hot and made a lot of noise too. They were replaced by Solid State Drives (SDDs). There is no such shortage inside them and with the help of this, laptops have become thin and light.

In addition, SSDs has a faster boot-up speed, uses less power and are quicker at reading and writing operations than HDDs. So, while buying a laptop, take a laptop with SDD storage. No matter what your job is, it is better to take at least 128 GB of SSD storage. You can add 256GB or 512GB SSD as well according to your need and budget. If you have a limited budget and need more storage, you can add a 128GB or 256 GB SSD and HDDs as well.

However, for your daily tasks like sending emails, writing blogs, surfing the internet, HDD is still a wiser investment. Budget is another key thing when it comes to choosing the right storage drive. If you have enough budget, choosing an SSD would be a smart choice.


In this article, I have told you all the things related to laptop storage. It is better for you that by investing a little more money, take SSD. But if you want to watch only movies or run the internet then take HHD which you will get on a low budget. Hope this article will help you to get your desired laptop. If you have any queries related to this article let us know in the comment section.

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