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In the twenty-first century, mobile and the internet have become an essential part of every one of us since it is easily accessible and contributes us a lot in many ways. Apart from its positive part, there is a very serious threat of its misuse also. Different kinds of threat have raised regarding mobile and Internet Security like Data Leakage, Malware Attacks, Piracy, Application Threats etc. Let’s look at our Google Chrome Security settings to be protected from these threats.

If you are using the Internet on your mobile phone, you are also at high risk of these threats and you must be alert regarding your protection. Today, we will discuss two important measures to protect your mobile from these threats if you are using Google Chrome.

As the world’s most popular web browser, Google Chrome is a sure-fire target for hackers. Chrome has a reported two billion active installs, and one billion users. This is why you should focua on Google Chrome Security.

Follow these two simple tips to ensure your Google Chrome Security

Google Chrome Security

1. See whether a website is safe to visit or not.

Generally, we visit different websites and start giving our information, shopping Online, downloading data, etc but we should confirm the security of the website before we visit. For this you can follow these simple steps:

For Desktop

Click on the lock icon denoted by the arrow in the picture and check whether your connection is secure or not. Also check your location, file sharing and notification if it is off or not.

Google Chrome Security

For Android

Click on the icon denoted by the arrow in the picture and check whether your connection is secure or not. Continue only after verifying it.

Google Chrome Security


2. Disable saved passwords and Auto Sign-in from your browser.

Google Chrome Security

These two settings will help you much in your Google Chrome Security. You can use chrome after applying these two things as it is one of the most secure web Browser of the World.

Some additional measures:

  • Browse the internet in incognito mode
  • Get a Security Checkup 
  • Create a Strong, Unique Password
  • Set Up 2-Step Verification
  • Disable Extensions You Don’t Use
  • Consider Using a VPN
  • Update Software Regularly
  • Clean Up Your Mobile or Computer


If you have difficulty in operating these settings, Click Here

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