4 Important Facebook Security Settings to Secure your Facebook Account from Hackers

Millions of people use Facebook to connect with friends and family.  However, you need to be very careful about the type of information that you reveal, just in case, it falls into the wrong hands. Here is a complete article that will help you to review your Facebook Security Settings to Secure your Facebook Account from Hackers

We will go through Four Important Facebook Privacy Settings that every user must know in order to secure their Facebook account.

Facebook is very much exposed to hackers and fake Facebook profiles due to its increasing popularity. This is why you should review your Facebook privacy settings to make sure your account and personal pieces of information are secured from hackers.

Follow these steps to Secure your Facebook Account from Hackers:

1. Log out Your Account from unauthorized Devices

1: Open the Facebook app and tap the three horizontal lines in the bottom-right corner of the screen and scroll down and tap ‘Settings and Privacy’ and then tap on ‘Settings.’

2: Scroll down to select ‘Security and Login’ and then tap on ‘where you’re logged in’ and then ‘See All’ to know if you are logged in on unauthorized devices.

3: Tap on three dotted lines and select ‘log out’ to log out from unauthorized devices. Also, change your password if you find you were logged in on an authorized device.

2. Use two-factor Authentication

1: Select ‘Security and Login’ and tap on ‘Use two-factor Authentication’ and then tap on the ‘Text Message (SMS)’ option and tap on ‘Continue.’

2: Select your phone number and tap on ‘Continue.’ Enter your verification code you will receive on your number to activate two-factor authentication.

3: Scroll down and tap on ‘Recovery Codes’ and tap on copy codes to copy it or take its screenshot. This code will help you with two-factor authentication if your mobile phone is out of Network Operator.

3. Get alerts about unauthorized logins

1: Select ‘Security and Login’ and tap on ‘Get alerts about unauthorized logins’.

2: A set of three options Notifications, Messanger, and Email Address will be shown. Enable the ‘Get notifications’ option for each of them.

4. Choose 3–5 friends to be your Trusted Contacts.

1: Select ‘Security and Login’ and tap on Choose 3–5 friends to be your Trusted Contacts‘.

2: Tap on ‘Choose trusted contacts’. Enter your password and choose your trusted contact from your friend list and tap on ‘Done.’

These are some important Facebook privacy settings that you should edit to Secure your Facebook Account from Hackers. If you have any queries regarding this article do comment on us. You can go through this article too for detailed information.

Facebook Privacy – Five Important Facebook Security Tips You Must Know for Your Safety | 2020 – TechnoKD

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