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How to solve math problems is a common question among students struggling with math. In today’s time where the internet is playing an inevitable role in learning any subject, people are searching for an app to learn their desired subject. Among many different subjects in the world, mathematics is one. This article talks about an app that helps you solve math problems.

In recent days, the pandemic has pushed everyone to spend most of their time at home. Also, people themselves like to spend their extra time at home. Kids find it difficult to solve the problems of math. Even the students of higher levels find it difficult to get the solution for their math problems. Take the advantage of this app through this article if you are also struggling with math problems.

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Photomath – Features

Photomath is a mobile app that allows a user to get the solutions for the math problems they are struggling with. This app has the following features.

  • Camera recogniton of printed or handwritten problems
  • Multi-functional Scientific Calculator
  • Interactive graphs
  • Step-by-step explanation
  • Multiple solving methods
  • Animated tutorials
  • Additional details

Is Photomath app free?

The answer to this question cannot exactly be given in yes or no. For the basic problems, the free version of the app can be used whereas, for advanced problems like word problems and geometry, you need to use the premium version.

Photomath – How to solve math problems

Now, I am going to mention the steps that you can follow to get the solution to your math problems.

  1. Download and install Photomath app from google play store or app store and open it.
download photomath

2. You will be asked to choose a language. English will be shown as the default language but you can select your own by clicking on Other. Then click on Let’s go.

3. After that, you will be shown the demo. Keep clicking on Skip or the right arrow key.

demo in photomath app

4. Enter your age and select the profession.

5. The app will ask the access to take pictures and record videos. Click on While using this app (suggested).

6. Click the photo of any math problem. (You can frame it as you want)

click photo in photomath app

7. Immediately, the solution will be shown on the screen. Click on Show Solving Steps. This will show you how you got the solution.

8. Click on Explain Steps to know in detail and keep clicking on Next step to view step by step.


This is all how you can solve math problems using the Photomath app. The app is easy to use and it provides you clear solutions with every step as you saw in this article. Hope this article was helpful to you. Stay tuned to get the latest articles on interesting topics. Enjoy using the app!

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