What you must know about Nepali Calendar ? How To Download And Install Nepali Calendar On Computer or Laptop ?

There are different types of calendars being used in the world based on the lunar, solar or lunisolar system. Among these calendars, Nepali Calendar also known as Nepali Patro is a Bikram Sambat (abbreviated as “B.S.”) Calendar. Bikram Sambat calendar is also known as Vikram Sambat Calendar established by Indian emperor Vikramaditya. It is the official Calendar of Nepal. It is also used in some parts of India as well. The Vikram Samvat calendar is about 56.7 years ahead of the solar Gregorian calendar or AD. Since Bikram Sambat is a Hindu calendar Nepali Calendar is also called the Hindu calendar. Bikram Sambat Calendar uses lunar months and sidereal years for timekeeping. In addition to Bikram Samwat, the Gregorian calendar and the Newari calendarNepal Sambat, are also used in Nepal.

How it is Different from the Gregorian calendar?

There are 12 months but unlike the Gregorian calendar. It has varied dates every month, as they are not easy pre-determined and changes from year to year. The new year is Nepali Calendar begins with the month Baisakh, which falls in April and May months in the Gregorian calendar. The year ends with the Chaitra month i.e. March, April in Gregorian Calendar. In Gregorian Calendar the days of the months are known but in the Nepali calendar, it’s not the case i.e. they change yearly. The maximum number of days in a month in the Gregorian calendar is 31, but in the Bikram sambat Nepali calendar it can have up to 32 days. The months usually (Mangshir/Poush) have a minimum of 28 days while (Asar/Shrawan) have 32 days.

Bikram sambat Nepali Calendar is mostly used in Nepal and India. Some countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Thailand, Malaysia and Bhutan are also using Bikram Sambat Nepali calandar. The current Nepali Year in the Nepali calendar is 2077 Bikram sambat.


This calendar derives its name from king Vikramaditya of Ujjain, then an independent country in the Indian subcontinent. After the rise of the Rana oligarchy in Nepal, Bikram Sambat came into unofficial use along with the official Shaka Sambat (Shankhadhar Sakhwa) for quite some time. They discontinued Shaka Sambat in its 1823rd year and replaced it with Bikram Sambat for official use since then to date. Bikram Sambat came into official use in its 1958th year.

Nepali Calendar Months


Nepali Calendar consists of 12 months i.e. Baisakh, Jestha, Ashad, Shrawan, Bhadra, Ashoj, Kartik, Mangsir, Poush, Magh, Falgun Chaitra. The following table shows twelve months of Nepali Calendar along with Nepali Month Name, Days of a Nepali Month and Corresponding Gregorian months. The length of each month is the time taken by the Sun to move through a full zodiac sign.

To Download Nepali Calendar Click Here

The following table presents information about the Nepali Calendar months along with their roughly corresponding Gregorian months and days in a month.

No.   Name Nepali Days Corresponding Gregorian Months
1.   Baishakh बैशाख 30 / 31 (April–May)
2.   Jestha जेठ 31 / 32 (May–June)
3.   Ashadh असार 31 / 32  (June–July)
4.   Shrawan साउन 31 / 32 (July–August)
5.   Bhadra भदौ 31 / 32  (August–September)
6.   Aswin असोज 30 / 31 (September–October)
7.   Kartik कात्तिक 29 / 30 (October–November)
8.   Mangsir मंसिर 29 / 30 (November–December)
9.   Poush पुष 29 / 30 (December–January)
10.   Magh माघ 29 / 30  (January–February)
11.   Falgun फागुन 29 / 30  (February–March)
12.   Chaitra चैत 30 / 31  (March–April)

The basic formula of conversion:

Nepali Date to English Date: Subtract 56 Years, 8 Months, 17 Days
English Date to Nepali Date: Add 56 Years, 8 Months, 7 Days

For the most accurate Nepali Date Converter visit Nepali Date Converter

Nepali Time

It is based on NPT (Nepal Standard Time and has a time offset from UTC of +5:45, all over Nepal Standard Time is one of the only three-time zones with a 45 minute offset from UTC.

Nepali New Year

The Nepali New year starts exactly in the middle of April month of the gregorian calendar. The new year of Bikram Samwat celebrated on the Baisakh is one of the many festivals of Nepal, marked by parties, family gatherings, the exchange of good wishes and participation in rituals to ensure good fortune in the coming year.

The new year of Bikram Samwat celebrated on the Baisakh is one of the many festivals of Nepal, marked by parties, family gatherings, the exchange of good wishes and participation in rituals to ensure good fortune in the coming year.

Nepali New year lies in the spring season where there are lots of Laligurans flowers in the hilly and mountainous regions. People visit cool places to celebrate the new year such as Nagarkot, Pokhara, Daman, Dhulikhel etc. Pokhara seems most crowded during this day. There is a public holiday in the new year of Nepal.

Dates to Remember 2077 B.S

S.N. Date Event
1. 2020 Apr 14 Nepali New Year
2. 2020 Apr 23 Aama ko mukh herne din
3. 2020 Aug 03 Raksha Bandhan
4. 2020 Aug 19 Kuse Aunsi (Buwa ko mukh herne din)
5. 2020 Aug 21 Teej
6. 2020 Oct 17 Ghatasthapna
7. 2020 Oct 26 Dashain
8. 2020 Nov 16 Bhai Tika
9. 2020 Nov 20 Chhath puja

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