Nepal Telecom SEE Offer | Free SIM and Bonus for SEE Students

Nepal Telecom has announced the Nepal Telecom SEE offer targeting the students who have just passed the SEE exams. The company has come up with an attractive offer of free data, voice and SMS. This includes the registration gifts for 30 days and a special bonus on recharge for every recharge for six months. Here’s is all you need to know about this NTC SEE offer.

What is in NTC SEE offer?

Nepal Telecom will provide free sim cards under the NTC SEE offer to students who have passed the SEE exams this year. The SIM will be available for free from Nepal Telecom offices across the country.

This free SEE SIM card will include the main balance of 10 rupees, 60 MB data, 40 minutes call within Ntc, and 20 SMS. You will also receive 100 MB of data (3000 MB in total), 10 minutes of calls (300 minutes) and 10 SMS per day (300 SMS in total) for 30 days.

According to the company, this offer will be available for the new SIM as well as the old SIM. In addition, students will get 500 MB of data, 50 minutes of voice calls and 50 SMS as a bonus for six months on every recharge of above Rs 50. Such a bonus can be used for three days.

Benefits of SEE Sim Card – SEE Offer NTC

Nepal Telecom SEE offer
  • Free SIM card to the SEE Students.
  • Rs. 10 Main Balance, 60MB Data, 40 Minutes on-net Call, and 20 SMS in the SIM CARD.
  • Everyday Registration Gifts; 100MB Data, 10 Minutes, and 10 SMS for 30 Day for 30 days.
  • 500 MB of data, 50 minutes of voice calls and 50 SMS as a bonus on every recharge for 6 months.
  • Students registered for NTC SEE offer can subscribe e-Shikshya packs by dialing *1441#.

How to get free SIM card under SEE Offer ?

How to activate the SEE offer?

In order to get the free SEE SIM card from Nepal Telecom, follow these steps.

1. Visit the nearest NTC office.

2. Fill the form with a Passport size photo.

3. Submit a copy of your SEE Admit card and copy of your Citizenship.

4. You will get a free SIM card under the Nepal Telecom SEE offer.

Note: Students not having their Citizenship can submit a copy of the Citizenship of their parents or guardians.

However, you can activate the SEE offer on the newly bought NTC sim or your old NTC Sim card which you have bought from the nearby NTC distributors. If you already have NTC SIM, this can be a good option for you.

It will also help those who are to reach the NTC office to buy a new SIM card due to the ongoing pandemic situation. For the registration, follow these steps.

How to activate the SEE Offer in NTC?

To activate the SEE offer on an existing SIM card, follow the steps below.

1. Dial *1600# from existing SIM.

Nepal Telecom SEE offer

2. Enter their Symbol Number and Date of Birth for Registration.

Note: You should enter your symbol number without alphabet and Date of birth without any Dash or Slash as indicated in the format.

How to activate the SEE offer in NTC

3. NTC SEE offer will be activated and you will be notified through SMS.

NTC SEE offer

It should be clear that one student can get registered with only one number. You can too easily activate the Nepal Telecom SEE offer following these simple steps.

The new sim card offer under the NTC SEE offer will be available for three months. If you are also a SEE graduate, don’t forget to enjoy this offer. Do share this article with your friends and families so that maximum students can get benefitted from it.

If You Still have any doubts or any problems let us know in Comment Section.

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