How to Write Message with Your Voice Command?

In the era of the Internet, our life has become very easy. Typing manually from your keyboard has become very time consuming and lazy option nowadays. So, people prefer voice typing rather than typing manually for writing messages, articles, blogs, etc. It is very easy and time-saving option to write a message with your voice command in any language you want. This option makes you great relief when you are typing long articles. We can use the Gboard App for voice to text service.

Google Voice Typing and Google Gboard can be used for multilingual typing. Reports indicate that voice typing (dictation) is three times faster than manual keyboard typing

This option helps you to operate your typing though you are busy and involved in works when it becomes difficult to touch your mobile. It becomes more helpful if your grammar or spelling is weak. Moreover, you can select any language you want for your voice typing. This is why its popularity is increasing day by day.

In this article, you know step by step guide to write message with your voice command in any language you want.

Follow these simple steps to learn to write message with voice command any language you want:

1. Open Play Store and search Gboard and Open it.

Click Here to Open Gboard Directly

2. Go to Mobile settings and open language & input.

3. Go to Current Keyboard option and select Gboard to enable Gboard.

4. Tap on Settings from your keyboard and open language settings.

5.  Search and select the Nepali language as instructed in a photo from Add keyboard option.

6. Select the keyboard type you want & disable Multilingual typing.

7. Go to voice typing option and tap on Offline Speech Recognition

8. Tap on Languages to select the Nepali Language.

9. Open your interface where you want to type and allow the Gboard required permission and tap on the microphone icon to type using your voice.

10. To change language, tap on language icon and select the language you want to use in your voice command.

11. Tap on the microphone icon and speak in the language you have selected for your voice typing.

In this way, you can Write Messages With Your Voice Command On Any Mobile in your preferred language easily.

Note: Here, we have used the English language and Nepali language just for illustration. You can use any language you want from the language option following these simple steps.

Click Here to watch the Video Tutorial

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