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How to Wave on Facebook? – A Complete Guide

I might not be the only one who has been fed up with sending boring hi and hellos on Facebook. The feeling of starting a new conversation can sometimes be quite pressurizing. Well, worry no more because the ‘wave’ feature of this app has you covered. The wave feature launched by Facebook allows you to send a hand waving at your friend with who you want to start a conversation.

If you have never heard about this feature then trust me, this article is curated for you. Here’s is a complete guide on how to wave on Facebook.

How to Wave on Facebook?

You can wave your friends using:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook App
  • Using Your PC.

1. Using Facebook Messenger

The Facebook messenger allows you to chat with your friends easily without having to open the app. It is with no doubt the best place to have quality and lots of conversation with your friends. You can wave at your friends through this app following these simple steps:

1. Open the Facebook Messenger app.

2. Go to the active friend’s option you can see and search the list for someone you want to wave at.

3. Click on the hand icon to wave at that friend.

After you click that wave icon, a yellow hand waving to your friend gets sent and they send a wave back. That’s how easy this feature has made it to communicate.

2. Using Facebook App

To wave using the Facebook app:

1. Open your Facebook app and click on the three dots you see on the right side.

2. Click on the messenger option available or if you can’t find it, search the see more option.

3. After you locate the messenger, click on the active option and then you can see your active friends and click on the wave icon to send them a wave to start a conversation.

Using Your PC:

You can also wave to your friend using Facebook from PC. To wave to a friend using your PC:

1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. On the right side, you can a see list of your active friends.

You can also search for any specific friend in the search box if you want to.

3. Then, when you hover around their name for a while, a wave icon appears on the right side which you can click to send a wave to your friends.

How to Wave Back a Friend Using Facebook Messenger?

If someone waves at you, a message will pop into your screen and when opening that message, you can see a hand waving at you with a message saying (…… is waving at you).

To send a wave back, you can just tap on the screen as displayed instructed in the message and then a wave back will be sent to your friend.

How to undo a wave you mistakenly sent?

There is a remove message function the Facebook app allows us to use. If you mistakenly send a wave to someone, you can remove that message by following the given steps:

1. Click on the wave for some time then an option box will be visible.

2. Choose the remove for everyone option.

Then, the message will be deleted. There are many options available there. But since you want to delete the wave from both of your inboxes.


In conclusion, the wave feature proves to be very useful if you want to highlight yourself in another person’s eye, or if you have a certain hard time sending messages or starting conversations. It is the advanced version of Facebook poke that allows you to get someone’s attention.

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