Prabhu TV App – Watch Live TV on your Mobile for free

Nepal’s leading business group Prabhu Group has launched a television service on mobile phones through Prabhu TV App. This group is now running the TV service on a mobile phone. By downloading the application, the customer will now be able to watch television on mobile, tablet and laptops from within the country or even abroad.

For those people that currently own a Ncell number, you can watch Prabhu TV for free for a whole monthAll you have to do is download the app and log in using your phone number.

Prabhu TV App – Watch Live TV on your Mobile for free

Prabhu TV has recently released an exciting offer for NCELL users. They can watch Prabhu TV for free for a whole month. You may not know it, but Prabhu TV has a separate broadcasting app available in the Play Store. The app can be downloaded for free and you can stream live TV from your phone itself.

Follow these simple steps to download Prabhu TV App and watch Live Tv for free

Step 1: Open Play store and search ‘Prabhu TV’ and install it.

To Download the Prabhu TV app, click here

Step 2: Open the app and Tap on ‘More’ and Click on the Sim-Card you use for the registration process.

Note: Though this service is free for Ncell users, you can still watch TV on other operators by buying the TV Packages at very low charge.

Step 3: Open the app and enter your mobile number and verify the 6- digit code through the massage you will receive in your mobile.

Step 4:  Select the channel you want to watch and you can watch it for free though you have Zero balance by Using Ncell Sim-Card for a whole one month.

Though balance is zero you can still watch any Channel you want for free using Ncell Sim-card.

 Step 5: For the Sim-Card other than Ncell, you can buy Live TV Packages at a very low charge by clicking on ‘More’ and select the suitable package.

This is all about Prabhu TV and it’s ongoing offers. If you do own a Ncell number, be sure to try out the free TV scheme and enjoy this offer.

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If you have difficulty in using this service, Click Here

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