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How to View Private Twitter Account?

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites worldwide with over 397 million people worldwide. Everything in here happens through the sharing of Tweets. Even though by default the account created in Twitter are set to public, it still provides you with the option to set it private at any time you want. Once the account is set to Private, no one except your followers can view what you do and share on Twitter.

Using this feature, many people have set their accounts to Private on Twitter which blocks you from viewing what is happening on their accounts. The main reason people set their accounts to Private is because it ensures maximum security as possible.

However, there are some ways through which you can view private Twitter account either by following the users or by using so other tools which we will discuss below in this article.

How to View Private Twitter Account?

Most of the accounts on Twitter are actually public but some people who prefer privacy and personal space tend to set their accounts to Private. Including this, business might as well set their account to private to avoid anytime of sensitive information from getting out of the company. In situations like this, if you want to view private Twitter account, you can do so by:

1. Following the Account

2. Viewing Tweets through Google

3. Using Online Tool

1. Following the Account

One of the best and most reliable ways to view private Twitter account is by following the person whose account you want to view. You can know someone’s Twitter account is private if you cannot view their tweets when you visit their profile or cannot access them through Google search engine.

In situations like this, sending them a follow request is the most genuine and honest way to have access to their profile and tweets. You can only be able to view their private Twitter account once they have accepted your following request. After that too, since it is a private tweet, you cannot retweet them. If in case they do not accept it, there are some more ways you can view it.

2. Viewing Tweets through Google

Anything that is posted on Twitter is automatically linked and generated in Google. Similarly, if someone had posted tweets when they still had their accounts public, there is a huge chance that they might still be available to view on Google be it whether image, video or a normal post. But it must be ensured that your account’s cached option is turned on. Only then you can be sure that even your deleted tweets are available on Google.

If the Private account whose old tweets you want to view have cached it, it will be available on Google. You can search for it by using names, places mentioned in Tweets, images.

You can view private Twitter account from Google by:

2. Search for account you want to view by typing ‘Twitter_name’ of the person.

4. Click on the image option to look for available tweets or profiles.

If the tweets you are searching for were cached, you will be recommended with them.

3. Using an Online Tool

Crowdfire is such a tool that allows you to view private Twitter accounts safely and effectively. This tool is very time saving and can be easily used. To view Private Twitter account using Crowdfire, follow the given steps:

1. Open your browser and search for Crowdfire page.

2. Click on ‘Get Started’.

How to view private Twitter account?

3. Log in with your Twitter account.

How to view private Twitter account?

4. Tap on the ‘search bar’ and search the person whose account you want to view.

Hence, in this way you can view private Twitter account using a third party tool.

How to set my Account to Private?

Setting your account to Private has many plus points. Especially if you are a person who prefers personal space, this feature will come in handy for you. Setting your account to private restricts other users who are not on your follower’s list from viewing your tweets, interacting with you on Twitter as well as blocks them from accessing your liked tweets and followers list. You can set your account to Private on Twitter by:

1. Log into Twitter and click on ‘Three dots’ option.

how to set my account to Private?

2. Click on ‘Settings and Privacy’.

How to set my account to Private?

3. Tap on ‘Privacy and Safety’ option.

How to set my account to Private?

4. Go to ‘Audience and Tagging’.

How to set my account to Private?

5. Click on the small box besides Protect your Tweets. Click on ‘Protect’.

How to set my account to Private?

Now, your account has been set to private and only your followers can access your further shared tweets and posts. Anyone else who wants to be your friend must send you a follow request and you must accept for them to be able to view your profile and its activities.


Hence, using the methods mentioned above, you can now easily view private Twitter accounts. Among all the methods given, the most effective one is following the users since that way, you become their friends and can view all the Tweets and posts they share as well as interact with them which is not possible through any other methods.

Hope this article was helpful to you and cleared your doubts. Do leave comments if you have any confusion.

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