How to View Private Instagram Profiles?

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How to View Private Instagram Profile

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms worldwide. The best feature about this app is that it lets you be seen. With the content of your posts, stories, you can become a content creator on Instagram easily and gain a lots of following and have your dream life. But for the people who do not want this type of life, Instagram also allows you to have a very private profile and keep your personal life to you only.

Now, there might come a time in all of your lives when you want to access someone’s profile, know about them and their way of life, likings or even relationship status but their account is private. You want to see the things they post or their pictures to know how they look but cannot since you are not following them.

What do you do in those situations? Well, to teach you answers of that question, we are here with an article that will teach you how to view private Instagram profiles.

Why would you want to view Private Instagram Profiles?

It may be for any reason. Maybe someone is trying to know about a person they are going on a date for the first time, someone might want to see who the new person is who joined their office. It maybe for marketing, business purpose as well, to know about some inside information.

Can you view private Instagram profiles without using third party?

Yes, you will have to send a follow request to the person to do so. When you send a follow request and if the person accepts it, you can view their profile perfectly. But if not, using third party apps maybe a solution. However, most of these apps are a scam and do not work.

How to Make your Instagram Account Private?

When you create a profile on Instagram, it is public by default. Which means that anything you share on your profile can be seen and accessed by everyone including your followers and following list. But, if you are a person who likes proper privacy, this app allows you to set your accounts to private and only your friends and followers can now have access to your account. This is the best and maximum security that Instagram provides its users and is also very practical. To make your Instagram account private:

1. Open Instagram and log into your account.

2. Click on your ‘Profile icon’.

How to set account to private on Instagram

3. Click on the ‘Hamburger icon’.

How to set account to private on Instagram?

4. Tap on ‘Settings’.

How to set your Instagram account to Private?

5. Click on ‘Privacy’.

How to set your Instagram account to Private?

6. Toggle on the ‘Private account’ button to set your account to private.

How to set your account to private on Instagram?

Once you do this, your account is set to private and now only your existing followers can see your posts, stories and other visible account information. Anyone else can only see them if they send you a follow request and you accept them.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles?

Suppose you heard about someone new or met someone and now you want to know more about them. Their lifestyle, choices, hobbies and the things they love. In this modern day, the best way to do so is by stalking their social media profile. But what if their account is Private. There are many ways to view private Instagram profiles and they are as follows:

1. By Following Them on Instagram

2. By Using Google

3. Viewing Through Friends

4. Using Instagram Viewer Sites

5. Using Non-Legitimate Ways

1. By Following Them on Instagram

This method is also known as ‘The Legitimate Method’ which means that it is completely legal and 100% effective with no red flags involved. To view private Instagram profiles using this method do this:

1. Open Instagram and click on the ‘Search icon’.

How to view private Instagram profiles?

2. Search for the profile you want to view in the ‘Search Bar’.

How to view private Instagram profile?

3. Click the Profile you want follow.

How to view private Instagram profiles?

4. Open it and click on ‘Follow’.

How to view private Instagram profiles?

A follow request is sent and when the person accept it, only then you can view private Instagram profiles of that person completely. To learn more check: How to Follow Someone on Instagram?

2. By Using Google

In this hack, you can type the name or username of the person you are looking to search for in Goggle’s search bar and search for them. Now, remember that it will not give you a view of the person’s entire Instagram account but might contain some of their pictures and the link to their other profiles. This is also an easy and reliable method to get some more information about the person and view private Instagram profiles to a limit.

3. Viewing through Friends

Another completely legal and easy way to view private Instagram profiles is using your friend’s account. If your friend is following that person, you can take their permission and easily view the accounts using their profile.

4. Using Instagram Viewer Sites

One of the other methods to view private Instagram profiles is by using Instagram Viewer sites such as Instaspy, Private Instagram Viewer, IG Lookup. Sites like these promise to view private Instagram profiles completely and with full anonymity but, from the use of them and accessing their sites once or twice, they ask you to fill surveys, take extra steps, sometimes ask for payments. They look like they come from shady background so we do not recommend you using them as they might take your personal info and cause some damage.

5. Using Non-Legitimate Ways

There are some shady ways to view private Instagram profiles as well. But these way are not recommended to use as they might have some consequences. Some of these ways are:

The Lazy way

This is the method to view private Instagram profiles, you create a fake account with a new name, email address and personalize it. Do this and then send a membership request to the group. This is method that is used by spammers of Instagram and each device can have up to five separate terminals.

Once you have a new account, send a DM or request to the private account you want to view. Warn the person that a new member is coming. If you have been denied the access to the account for a month or more, registration must be approved to not blow the cover that it is your advertising account.

This method is very easy and also mostly does not work. Also, we do not recommend doing this.

The Trojan Horse

This method can be a tad more effective than other shady ones. In this process to view private Instagram profiles, you have to go through a trouble of creating a fake profile and then send a request to the person whose account you want to view. Make sure that your profile has some pictures and followers and look like real. This will make it convincing to believe that a real person is using that account.

This method requires some investing and energy. But if it works out well, the person may accept your follow request after all and let you view their account.

The Doppelganger

In this method, you create a fake account of someone that the person is following. This makes it look more real and there is certainty that the person will accept a request from a new account of their friend.

If this method is done right, it will work for sure. But in case someone finds out and reports it, you might get banned from Instagram and it is also illegal to do so. So, copying someone else’s identity can and will charge you with identity theft.


Hence, by following the methods listed above, you can view private Instagram profiles. Remember that the only legal and honest way to do so is by either sending them a request from your own account. If you really want some info, searching in Google can be acceptable as well. But if you are caught doing other things, it might have serious consequences. So, we in no way recommend you to do so.

Hope this article was helpful and cleared your doubts and now you can easily view private Instagram profiles. Leave comments if you have any confusion.

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