How To Use Pathao App? – A Complete Guide

Are you tired of the tightly packed and suffocating public transports for your day to day transportation? This might be not the case for those who own their private vehicles. But, the majority of people don’t own their car or bike.

The journey becomes very difficult and full of hassles if you don’t get the vehicle at right time or don’t get the proper seat. This becomes quite tedious and time-consuming. Taking a taxi might ease the problem but they are too expensive.

Now, all your problems can be solved using the Pathao app which has been very popular for affordable and convenient ways to get to your destination. Here is a complete guide for you explaining the services, and how to use the Pathao app.

What is Pathao App?

Pathao is the biggest and most popular ride-hailing service provider of Nepal with more than 150K+ daily rides and deliveries. It is among the fastest-growing tech startups in Asia, dedicated to developing optimal solutions for the daily transportation problems of the public.

It is the Bangladeshi on-demand digital platform and vehicle for hire company that operates in three cities of Bangladesh: Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, and Kathmandu, Nepal.

It provides on-demand ride-sharing services through motorcycles and cars. You need to have an Android or iOS-based app to use Pathao’s service. Pathao uses a location-based system to match the passenger with a driver nearby heading towards the destination.

It is popular for providing rides for the public at a reasonable fare. Pathao has also created working opportunities for many people of the country who are interested in driving. You can also earn with your bike and car by becoming a rider at any time and on any day of the week

Pathao was launched in Nepal on 12th September 2018. It charges a base fare of Rs.30 and an additional Rs.15 per Km. Nearly 2.5 million have downloaded the app till now as per the recent reports. Its services are currently limited to Kathmandu valley. However, it is planning to expand its services in the major cities of Nepal.

Services of Pathao App

Services of Pathao App

Pathao currently provides ride-sharing, parcel, food delivery and On-demand Transport Sharing services. Pathao bike, car and food services are available in Nepal.

Pathao Bike Service

You can use the Pathao bike service to reach your destination on time. You don’t need to face a rush hour and traffic. They are very cheap, secured and always available. You can enjoy the best service from well trained and friendly drivers. The majority of trips of Pathao is carried by bikes.

Pathao Car Service

If you want to travel in comfort at your convenience at any time you want, Pathao car service can be very useful to you. The fares are quite competitive and reasonable. They provide a very comfortable ride at your doorstep. You can use this service using Pathao App.

Pathao Food Service

You can enjoy your food delivered quickly to your doorstep within 45 minutes using Pathao food service. There are thousands of restaurants listed in the app from where you can choose your favourite meals. It also provides the best offers and combos at the very best price. To enjoy the fast and flavourful services, you need to download the Pathao app and register yourself with your phone number.

How To Use Pathao App?

For using the Pathao app, you need to register with your name and phone number. For this follow these steps:

1. Download and Install Pathao App.

Click Here to Download from the play store.

Click Here to Download from AppStore.

Pathao App

2. Select the desired language from the given option.

pathao nepal app

3. Select the country and enter your phone number.

4. Verify your OTP code to proceed.

5. Enter the necessary information to Sign up for Pathao App.

Register Pathao App

6. Give the location permission to the app.

How to Book a Pathao Ride?

You can book bikes and cars as per your needs easily using the Pathao app. You don’t need to bear the torture of bus travel. So with Pathao, you can enjoy a bike or car ride. The cost is less than that of a taxi and the travel is much more comfortable than on a bus. For booking a Pathao ride, follow these steps.

1. Turn on your mobile location.

2. Choose your preferred vehicle whether bike or car.

How To Use Pathao App

3. Type in your destination address.

4. Select the suitable vehicle and send a Pickup request.

How To Use Pathao App

5. The information of the Pathao rider will be displayed as in the photo.

You will get a phone call as soon as the request is confirmed by the rider. You can also contact the rider from the given option through message or phone call.

Finally, the rider will reach the pickup location and will leave you to your destination. When you reach the destination you can pay the ride fare through cash or online. You will get the confirmation about the ride being completed and you can also rate the rider as per your experience. You can check the trip details in your Pathao History section. Thus, following these steps, you can book the pathao ride.

How to Become a Pathao Rider?

If you have a bike or car and you can drive on the roads in Kathmandu, then you can become a Pathao rider. According to Pathao, a bike rider can earn up to Rs. 65000-70000 per month depending upon the ride and taxi rider can up to Rs. 100000 a month. You need to pay a commission of 20 percent to Pathao.

To be eligible to become a rider, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • You must have an Android phone
  • You must have a driving license
  • You must have bike registration documents
Online registration form to become Pathao rider.

After you have fulfilled the above criteria,

1.Download the Pathao Drive app from Playstore.

2. Choose your city (Kathmandu).

3. Choose your vehicle (Bike or Car)

4. Sign up with your phone number & upload the required documents and sign up for your desired vehicle.

You can also sign up from the website. Please bring the documents like a Valid License, Bluebook and Registration paper during your training session. You will be selected after you complete the training session of the Pathao.

How to order food from Pathao?

One of the most popular services of Pathao is Pathao Food. Using it, you can get your food delivered quickly to your doorstep within 45 minutes. Ordering food from Pathao is also very simple. You can select your favourite food from thousands of restaurants listed in it. You just need to pay a delivery charge of Rs. 150 for your food delivery.

Follow these steps to order food from Pathao:

1. Login to your app and tap on the Food option.

2. Choose Your favourite restaurant from the list.

How to order food from Pathao

3. Add your food items to your cart and tap on checkout to proceed.

Pathao Food

4. Enter the delivery address and payment method to confirm your order.

How to order food from Pathao

You can order your desired foods easily following the above simple steps.

You can do the payment through online transactions as well as cash on delivery. Your food will be delivered to your doorsteps within a short period of time as soon as you conform to your order.

This is all about the Pathao app. Following these steps, you can enjoy the different services of the Pathao app. If you have any queries regarding this topic, do comment on us.

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