How To Use connectIPS App?

Are you wondering about the features of connectIPS app and want to know how to use it? There is nothing to worry about it. I have come with your answers in this article. However, this article will only be helpful for you if you already know how to create connectIPS account and link it with your Bank Account or you have already done this.

If yet not done, please click here to read the article about how to sign up with the account in connectIPS.

connectIPS is very simple and easy to use. Just go through this article and you will find it no longer difficult. Let’s move on to see all the important features of this app.

On the Home Page:

Opening the connectIPS account

If you are sure, you have installed the app, open it and enter the Username and Password to login.

Selection of options from menu

As you open your account you will find the menu denoted by three tiny lines at the top left corner of your screen.

When you click on menu, it will show you different options like Manage Account, Manage Favourite, Change Password, Forgot Transaction Password, Edit Profile, Login FingerPrint, Transaction FingerPrint, FAQ, Contact, Terms and Conditions and Logout. We are going to know about each of these.

Manage Account:

This will open the interface where you can link or remove any bank account.

Manage Favourite:

Here, you get the services that you have marked as your favourite.

Change Password:

This option allows you to change the password.  All you need to do is to enter the current password, New Password and Confirm Password by re-entering it. Lastly, click on Update to for the completion.

Forgot Transaction Password:

If you have opened your account after a long time, you will be asked to enter the new transaction password. For this, enter the Transaction Password, Re-enter it and click on Confirm.

Edit Profile:

In case you want to make some changes in your profile, you can use this option.

Login FingerPrint:

You can enable this option if you have fingerprint feature in your phone. Enabling this will allow you to login your account easily just by the use of fingerprint.

Transaction FingerPrint:

This option is same as the above one (Login FingerPrint).

You also have some other options in the list where you can know about the app and interact with the admin.


Here, you can see the questions asked about the app by the users and the answers provided by the admin. You can also pose your question you have any.


You can use this option to have a direct contact with the admin.

Terms and Conditions:

It shows you the terms and conditions of the app on which the use of this app is based for the users.

Beside all these, there are many more things you can do through this app.


At the bottom of your screen, you can see option ‘Creditors’ which further has many different options under separated sections. Some of them are mentioned below.

For Government Payment:

Loksewa: To pay any amount to Loksewa, click on this option and enter the Account Number, Transaction Amount under Sender Details and Voucher Number under Payment details. Then click on Pay.

As this app is not a wallet like ‘eSewa’ and ‘Khalti’, the transaction charge will be deducted direct from your bank account.

Follow the same steps to pay the amount for other options like FCGO, SSF, CRO, Passport, IRD, EPF, CAA Nepal, Traffic Police, CIT Payment and NTB.

Utilities Payment

This includes Mobile/Telephone and Load Wallet.

Load Wallet: Load Wallet allows you to load money from your bank account to the wallets like Khalti, IME Pay, QPay, Prabhu Pay and Moru.

Mobile/Telephone: Mobile/Telephone option allows you to recharge your mobile. You can select the name of your respective service provider like NTC Mobile, NTC LandLine, NCELL Mobile, Smart Cell, and ADSL.

Financial Institution

Here, you get the options like Capital Market, Non Life Insurance, Hire Purchase, Card Payment and Life Insurance.

Creditors Payment

It has the options like Educational Services, Airlines – B2B, E-commerce, Travel & Tours and Corporate – B2B.

Note: The procedure for the Payment is quite similar for all these options.

QR Pay:

In the bottom menu you can find the option named ‘QR Pay’. You can use this option to both pay and receive the money.

To pay: Simply scan the QR code of the recipient and follow further steps for the transaction.

To receive: You can click on the option ‘My QR’ to send your QR code to the sender so that s/he can scan the code to send you the money.


Click on the Transaction option below and tap on filter. You will get an interface where you will be asked to enter Account Number, From (amount) and To (amount). After entering all the information, you can see the transaction if available.


               This option makes the contact visible to you. You can see:

Support Call: You can call and put forward your words.

Email: If you want to send any message to the admin, you can simply type the message and send it as email.

Website: Clicking on it, you can visit the website of the app.

Help Desk: If you are seeking any help, you can ask for it by reporting your query.

To make a transaction, follow these steps.

Moving back to the Home Page, you can see the options at the top.

  • Click on ‘Bank Account’.
  • A form is displayed where you are asked to fill the details.
  • Fill the details and tap on pay.
  • The details will be shown again. If you are sure, click on Pay.
  • Enter the transaction pin and click on Continue.
  • You will be shown the Details. Click on icon above to download the details in pdf format.

You will also receive a message from your bank account about the transaction.

In conclusion, this is all about how to use connectIPS app which makes the transaction easy by letting the user make transaction direct from the bank account.

Hope this article benefitted you by answering your question “How to use connectIPS?”. Let us know if you have anything to say about the article by leaving a comment below.

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