How to Use 2 WhatsApp on a Single Phone? – Dual WhatsApp

If you are using dual SIM card supporting phone and looking to use 2 WhatsApp on a single phone, this article is for you. Obviously, carrying two phones for dual app usage is quite boring and irritating. In this article, you will know about how to use 2 WhatsApp on a single phone.

WhatsApp is not an uncommon name in today’s world. As in 2021, WhatsApp is the most popular global mobile messenger app worldwide. The app has approximately 2 billion monthly users outranking Facebook and WeChat. However, it ranks as third most popular social network worldwide.

This shows the density of WhatsApp users. So we can most probably say that this drags people to use two WhatsApp on a single phone. We must say that some smartphone companies have become kind enough to their users that they have provided this facility in their phones.

Which smartphones have this feature?

Companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Honor, Asus and Huawei now offer ‘Dual app’ (differing in name from brand to brand) feature that allows the users to use two different accounts on the same chat app. So, you can say that you need not carry two smartphones if you want to use 2 WhatsApp accounts.

Below, in the table, we have mentioned the brand name and the location where you can get the feature.

Brand of SmartphoneLocation/Dual WhatsApp Setting
SamsungAdvance Features>Dual Messenger
XiaomiDual Apps
OppoClone Apps
VivoApp Clone
HonorApp Twin
HuaweiApp Twin
AsusTwin Apps

How to use 2 WhatsApp on a single phone?

You have to first make the dual WhatsApp icon appear on the home screen. Then you can use it by creating an account with a number. Here, you have step by step procedure. Follow the procedure to use 2 WhatsApp on a single phone.

  1. Open the Settings on your phone and go the dual app option. Here, we are going to know the procedure in mi Phone. So, we got dual app feature on this by going to the Settings and then to the Apps option. You can do the similar on your phone.
apps settings

2. Click on the Dual apps option.

dual apps option

3. Tap on the app’s name (WhatsApp) that you want to clone or use as a dual app. (You may see some remarks like here we have Not created)

how to use 2 WhatsApp on a single phone

4. Enable or turn on the Dual app option.

enable or create dual apps

5. You may be asked to turn on the Google services as, creating dual apps requires working with Google services. If you are asked, tap on Turn on.

turn on google service for dual apps

6. You will be informed that the app icon is added to the drawer. (This option may differ.)

dual apps icon added to drawer

7. Go back to the home screen. You can see the dual app icon. Click to open the app.

dual WhatsApp icon on home screen

8. Tap on AGREE AND CONTINUE. Or you can also continue from the Facebook account.

continue to WhatsApp

9. Enter the phone number and tap on Next, verify the account by entering the verification code you receive on the number you just entered. Finally, you are into the app and can enjoy the chats, calls and many more.

enter phone number in WhatsApp

Wrapping up

This is all about how to use 2 WhatsApp on a single phone. Following the above mentioned steps, you can use two apps on a device. Repeating again, you need not install any third party app for this procedure. Hope you got benefited by this article. Stay tuned for such articles.

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