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How to Update Spotify?

Spotify is a famous music application. It is a very popular social media among people nowadays. You may want to update the application but do not know how to. Do not worry as we will help you get the answer. Read the full article and you will know how to update Spotify.

So, why update Spotify? There can be a lot of reasons to update the application. The first being new features are introduced in the app. If different new features are added to the application, you may want to update it. There are also a lot of improvements in terms of security after every update. When you update the Spotify application, you will also get a lot of better performance.

How to Update Spotify?

It is very easy to update Spotify. The Spotify application updates the app regularly for new features. We recommend you update the app regularly for various benefits. You can update Spotify on your PCs and smartphones including iPhone and Androids. The same method is also applicable for updating the Spotify Lite application. There are different options to update Spotify. They are:

  1. On PC
  2. On Android
  3. On iPhone


It is very easy to update the Spotify application on your PC. You can only update the desktop application but not the web application. Spotify itself updates the web application regularly. In order to update Spotify on PC just follow these steps below:

1. Open Spotify desktop and log in to your profile.

2. Tap on your username.

how to update spotify?

3. Click on ‘Update available’ if you can see that button.

Hence, you will be able to update the Spotify application with a single click on your PC. You will also see a blue button in the arrow if the update is available. If you do not see the blue button or the Update available button, your application is already the latest version.

On Android

It is very easy to update Spotify on your android phone. You need to follow the manual method if the auto-updates are not enabled. In order to update the Spotify application on your Android devices just follow these steps below:

1. Open App Store and then search for Spotify.

how to update spotify?

2. Tap on ‘Update’ if you see the update button.

how to update spotify?

You can also update the Spotify application manually on your android phone. To do so, go to the play store and search for Spotify. Tap on the three dots and then check on Enable auto-updates. This way you can update Spotify automatically from your android phone.

On iPhone

You can also very easily update Spotify on your iPhones. In most cases, auto-updates are enabled. If so then you do not need to manually update the application yourself. In order to manually update Spotify open the app store and tap on Updates. After that find Spotify and then tap on Update Profile.

You can also update the apps automatically from iPhones. To do so, just go to Settings and then tap on iTunes Store and App Store. Below the automatic downloads, make sure that you select the applications. Hence, you can also update Spotify automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Spotify Not Updating?

There can be a couple of reasons, why your Spotify is not updating. The first being you do not have a stable internet connection. If you do not have a stable internet connection, you can update the app. The second reason being you already have the latest Spotify version. You may not find the update button if you have the latest version already installed.

Can I find Queue on Spotify?

Yes, you can find the queue on Spotify. In order to do so, play a playlist at first. After that tap on the queue button by the side of the share button. Tap on the queue button and you will know what songs are in the queue of the current playlist.


Hence you can easily update the Spotify application. You can do so from your PCs as well as your smartphones including android and iPhone. On PC, you can only update the desktop application and not the web application. Just follow the steps given above and you are all good to go. Thank you for reading the article. We hope you got your answer on how to embed a Spotify playlist. Please share this article with your friends and help us grow. If you have any queries or comments do leave them in the comment box.

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