How to Update Instagram?

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How to Update Instagram

Instagram is a very popular social media from Meta. There are millions of users on Instagram and is very popular nowadays. Sometimes you may feel that you do not have new features on your Instagram. What can you do in such cases? You can simply update Instagram to get the new version. Do not worry if you do not know how to do so. Read the full article and you will know how to update Instagram.

What are the benefits of updating Instagram? You will not be updating the application unless there are some advantages. So, the first advantage of updating the app regularly is to get new features. When you update the app, it is easy to get new features. The feature to hide likes on Instagram will now work if you have not updated the app. The next reason to update the app is for security reasons. There are a lot of bug fixes and security improvements after each update. So, you must update the application regularly.

How to Update Instagram?

It is very easy to update the Instagram application. Meta automatically updates the web application regularly. However, you may need to update the app on your phone manually. If you have turned on automatic updates you do not need to update the app manually. The default setting is to update the application automatically. There are two options to update Instagram. They are:

  1. From Android
  2. From iPhone

From Android

You can easily update Instagram using your android phone. Most of the phones have automatic updates enabled. There is a chance that automatic updates are enabled on your phone as well. You can also update the application manually. In order to update the Instagram application just follow these steps below:

1. Open Google Play Store.

2. Search for Instagram in the search bar.

how to update Instagram?

3. Tap on the ‘Update’ button if you see one.

how to update Instagram?

You can also update the Instagram application automatically on your android phone. To do so, go to the play store and search for Instagram. Tap on the three dots and then check on Enable auto-updates. This way you can update Instagram automatically from your android phone.

From iPhone

It is easy to update the Instagram application on your iPhone as well. If you do not have automatic updates enabled then you can manually update the application. To manually update the Instagram application from iPhone first of all open the App Store. Tap on Updates and then find Instagram. Finally, tap on Update Profile beside Instagram if you see the button.

You can also update the apps automatically from iPhones. In order to do so, just go to Settings and then tap on iTunes Store and App Store. Below the automatic downloads, make sure that you select applications. Hence, you can also update the Instagram application automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I am not able to Update Instagram?

There can be a couple of reasons, why your Instagram application is not updating. The first being you do not have a stable internet connection. If you do not have a stable internet connection, you can update the app. The second reason being you already have the latest Instagram version. You may not find the update button if you have the latest version already installed. If there is less storage then also you will not be able to update the application.

How can I Update my Instagram Profile?

In order to update your Instagram profile go to Instagram and then to your profile. Tap on Edit Profile and then make the changes you want to. You can update the profile picture, name, username, and so on as per your need.


Hence you can easily update the Instagram application. You can do so from your smartphones. The same method is applicable to androids as well as iPhones. Just follow the steps given above and you are all good to go. Thank you for reading the article. We hope you got your answer on how to update Instagram. Please share this article with your friends and help us grow. If you have any queries or comments do leave them in the comment box.

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