How to Unsuspend Twitter Account?

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Twitter has always been changing its security policies to meet the requirement of its user. This means that many users face account suspension for projecting suspicious behavior. But as easy as it is to get your account suspended, you can also unsuspend Twitter account if you play your cards right.

It is not exactly easy to remain clean and avoid all forms of controversies when there are so many limitations. To make sure that this does not put affect your Twitter experience we have put forward an article that explains how one can unsuspend Twitter account in the case of an emergency.

Why Did your Twitter Account Get Suspended?

Twitter accounts may get suspended for many reasons. Even though there have been certain cases of unfair suspension, most times the reason is pretty valid. Twitter monitors your account activity and as soon as it is suspected of behavior that may cause harm to others, your account will immediately get suspended.

Some of the reasons could be suspicious activity, over-engagement that includes mass liking, commenting or following others’ accounts, and spamming. Other reasons could be potential abusive behavior, online harassment, impersonating someone else, and exploiting their privacy. If your account is reported as hacked it will get suspended as well.

It is important to know the reasons behind account suspension so you can understand and avoid these mistakes beforehand. You can learn more about policies regarding this on Twitter Rules. Through this article, you can learn about ways to the unsuspend Twitter account.

How to Unsuspend Twitter Account?

Considering the reason behind the suspension of your account, different methods will be used to unsuspend Twitter account. It may not always be possible to recover a suspended account so we have presented three scenarios and methods to recover your account under such circumstances.

  • Twitter Account Gets Suspended for Violating Rules
  • Twitter Account Gets Suspended for Suspicious Activity
  • Twitter Account Allows Log In but Cannot Perform Any Other Action(Like, Comment, Follow, etc.,)

You will get a message box while trying to log into your account and depending on the reason you can use any of the methods explained below.

Twitter Account Gets Suspended for Violating Rules

You may have intentionally or accidentally violated Twitter rules. Unless major rules have been violated you can recover your account easily. You can open Twitter from either a mobile application or browser and follow the steps below:

1. Enter your username and password and ‘Log In’.

You will get a message that states that ‘This account has been suspended’ while trying to log in or after you have logged into the account. You will be encouraged to log into Twitter via Twitter web browser.

2. Write an appeal through Twitter Help Center.

3. Explain ‘Where are you experiencing this issue?‘ and ‘Description of Problem‘.

How to Unsuspend Twitter Account?

4. Fill out ‘Your information‘ accurately and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Make sure you have logged into your suspended account to submit the appeal. You will receive an instruction guide from Twitter in your mail. Follow the instruction and you will be able to unsuspend your Twitter account.

Twitter Account Gets Suspended for Suspicious Activity

Suppose you log into your account from a different device and location, Twitter might see this as suspicious behavior since this is not your usual route of logging in. In such cases, your account will be suspended but most of the time you will only need to verify your identity to unsuspend Twitter account.

If your account has been suspended for suspicious activity follow the steps below:

1. Go to Twitter and try to log into your account.

To let you know that Twitter suspects your account is being compromised you will receive a message that states, “There was an unusual login activity on your account. To help keep your account safe, please enter your phone number or email address to verify it’s you.”

2. Click ‘Start‘.

3. Enter the required information and tap ‘Verify‘.

4. Enter the verification code that is sent to your phone number or email address.

5. Click ‘Submit‘.

6. Change Password.

You can unsuspend Twitter account and get easy access. The same steps can also be used in case you forgot your password.

Twitter Account Allows Log In but Cannot Perform Any Other Action(Like, Comment, Follow, etc.,)

Sometimes you may be able to log into your account but will not know that your account is suspended unless you try some feature. In this case, Twitter will not let you perform any task such as like, comment, follow or tweet. Here is how you can unsuspend Twitter account in such a case.

1. Log into your Twitter account.

You will see a message indicating your suspension, click ‘Learn More’.

2. Click on ‘File an Appeal‘.

If you know that your account is suspended you can also directly go to Twitter Help Center and submit an appeal after you have logged in to your account.

3. Fill up the appeal form and Submit it.

You can wait till Twitter sends you instruction mail and go forward to unsuspend Twitter account.


How Long do Twitter Accounts Get Suspended For?

Typically, Twitter account get suspended for 48 hours. However, the official Twitter help website states that suspension could last anywhere from 12 hours to 7 days. But in some cases, the account may be gone permanently. Learn more about enforcement options through Twitter Help Center.

Can you Delete a Suspended Account?

No, you cannot delete a suspended account. You will first have to unsuspend your Twitter account before attempting to delete it permanently.

What does Account suspension for age mean?

Twitter has an age limit of 13 and older, which means anyone below the age of 13 will not be able to create or run a Twitter account. Even if you are an adult at the moment, if your account is found to have been created before you turned 13, your account will get suspended. Learn more about how to unsuspend a Twitter account suspended because of age issues through Twitter Help.

What to do When Twitter has Permanently Suspended an Account?

If you face permanent suspension from Twitter, the chance of restoration of the account is slim to none. Permanent suspension happens only in case of severe rule violation so it is equally difficult to unsuspend the account.

Your account will no longer appear in public searches and will be completely hidden from a global view. In extreme cases, the account holder may not be able to create new accounts either.


As we discussed in the topic above, there are many instances where people can find their account getting suspended. Knowing ways to unsuspend Twitter account can be considered a precaution to running the account for a long time.

This will save you from the trouble of constantly creating new accounts and identities. In this article, we talked about how to unsuspend Twitter account in different scenarios. We hope this was a helpful article. Let us know if you have any queries.

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