How To Unread Messages On Instagram?

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How to Unread a Message on Instagram

Instagram is a well-known application from Facebook. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Did you open a message which you did not want to on Instagram? If you did so, do you want to unread it? If yes then you are in the right place. Read the full article and then you will know how to unread messages on Instagram.

Can You Unread a Message on Instagram?

If you are running a business account on Instagram, then it should be no trouble for you. Instagram has introduced a widely used feature of un-reading messages for convenience. This feature allows a user to prioritize text messages and return to them whenever needed. You do not have to open your inbox just to regret your decision.

The inbox is divided into two parts: the “Primary” and the “General” tab. The “Primary” tab holds important messages that need to be dealt with right away. However, the “General” tab can be used to store messages that you do not want to read. Once you have put the chatbox of a particular person on the “General” tab, you will no longer receive incoming text message notifications from that person.

The message is kept in the “General” tab for as long as you want. You can go back and still read the message willingly at your pace. The “Primary” and “General” tab allows you to prioritize and filter your inbox and unread a message on Instagram from a sender that you want to get back to later.

How to convert your personal account into a business account?

The easiest way to unread messages on Instagram is by converting a personal account to a business account. Firstly, open your profile on the Instagram app and click on the Edit Profile in the Profile section. Tap on Switch to Professional account and tap Next and Continue until the introduction is over. Select a category and click Next and then click on Ok in the confirmation message. Your business is now a business account and you can easily unread messages.

How To Unread Messages On Instagram?

Since you already know that you can easily unread messages on Instagram, let us see how. If you have a business account, you can do it from the app itself. However, if you don’t have one you need third-party apps. These are the two methods to easily unread messages. Let us look at both of them.

Method 1: From the Instagram App for a Professional Account

1. Login to your professional account and open the inbox.

2. Click on three dots in the right-hand corner and select the messages you want to unread.

You can easily unread messages on Instagram with a professional account

3. Tap on More and click on Mark as Unread.

You can unread messages from a professional account this easily. This feature however will not remove seen status in the sender’s inbox. The Instagram application itself does not provide this feature to a personal account. But we can do it using other tricks. However, this way is the easiest one to unread messages on Instagram. This feature is also not available on PC but only on a mobile.

Method 2: For a Personal Account

1. Open the message which you want to mark unread.

You can restrict an account to undread messages on Instagram

2. Open their account and restrict the account.

This will show the message as unread. However, you cannot send them messages after you restrict them. So, let us look at another method to do so.

Method 3: From a Third-party App

1. Open AI Grow and register for an account and login.

You can easily unread messages on Instagram using third-party apps

2. Verify your email and enter your username and click Next.

3. Select country and choose Confirm Account.

4. Click on Direct Messages and DM To Mail and Pending IG Connection.

5. Login to your account and your messages will be sent to your mail.

6. Click on Unread Mail to unread messages.

Why am I not able to unread messages on Instagram?

If you are not able to unread messages on Instagram, there can be various reasons. One is, your account is not professional. You cannot directly unread messages on your personal account. If you are not able to unread messages from AI Grow, make sure you have connected your Instagram account and verified your mail.


Hence you can easily unread messages on Instagram if you have a professional account. You can also do it with the help of different third-party apps for a personal account. Just follow the steps given above and you are all good to go. Thank you for reading the article. We hope you got your answer on how to unread the messages you have opened on Instagram. Please do share this article with your friends and help us grow. If you have any queries or comments do leave them in the comment box.

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