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How to Unban Telegram Account?- 4 Quick Ways

Telegram is an instant messaging service launched in 2013. It has grown popular in recent times as more people are swayed by the protection it gives to the user’s privacy as well as data. More and more people are beginning to shift from their previous services into Telegram as the application has completed a billion total downloads.

There are a lot of interesting features on the app but users have reported some issues about their accounts being blocked. That is why in this article we will show you the ways on how to Telegram account. Just follow the steps given to you down below.

How to Unban Telegram Account?

Sometimes you may have been banned wrongfully or maybe you made some violations without knowing. Whatever the reason you were banned, we have put together some methods by which you can get closer to getting your Telegram Account unbanned. Just keep on scrolling and see which way suits you.

There are four ways that you can try to unban telegram account:-

  1. Change Phone Number
  2. Send an Email to
  3. Contact Support Team
  4. Wait For The Ban to End

1. Change Phone Number

If your ban is permanent or you need to use Telegram for something urgent, before the ban ends, you can change the phone number and make a new Telegram account. Follow the steps down below to create a new Telegram account:-

1. Go to the appstore and download the Telegram app.

How to Unban Telegram Account?

2. Open the Telegram app and tap the ‘Start Messaging‘ button to sign up.

How to Unban Telegram Account?

3. Choose your country and enter your phone number, then tap on ‘Next‘.

How to Unban Telegram Account?

4. Enter the SMS Verification code that will be sent to your number.

How to Unban Telegram Account?

5. Enter your full name and tap on ‘Next‘ to finish setting up your account.

How to Unban Telegram Account?

2. Send an Email to Telegram

If you think you are wrongly blocked and haven’t made any violations then you can write an email to ‘‘. Write about your situation and explain in full detail in the email you are sending. Sometimes there can be an error in the algorithm due to which you might get blocked.

3. Contact the Support Team

How to Unban Telegram Account?

You can also choose to contact the Telegram Support Team. Just visit the Support Page of Telegram and write about your problem and also fill up your email and phone number in the boxes provided. You might be able to prove that you did nothing to deserve a ban. However, if your actions have been against the guidelines and you are permanently banned, then contacting the Telegram Support Team will be of little use.

4. Wait For End

If your ban on Telegram is for a limited period then the easiest way would be to wait until the ban is over. However if your ban is permanent then this method will not work as no matter how long you wait your account will still be banned.

Why is My Telegram Account Banned?

Telegram is known for the protection and safety it provides for its users. Any violations of the guidelines or sending spam and malicious links will put you at risk of getting banned. If these actions come under the eyes of Telegram, then your Telegram account will be banned. You will have a lesser chance of getting banned if you stay away from such activities.

How Long Does a Ban Last on Telegram?

The length or duration of your ban on Telegram depends solely on your actions leading up to the ban. The length depends on the severity of the violations you made. If your violations were not serious, you may get a shorter ban, however, if you made some serious violations then you may get a longer ban. Most of the time, the bans are not forever but you can get banned forever if your violations were really serious.

Wrap Up

Telegram has been one of the most used apps in 2021. The main reason behind the application’s success is due to the protection it provides to its user’s data and privacy, unlike other apps and services. But there have been many reports on issues regarding the accounts being blocked. That is why we put together some ways which you could fix this issue as easily and quickly as possible.

In this article, we showed you steps on how to unban Telegram accounts. If you have any questions or queries regarding this topic, then please feel free to leave them down below. Your questions will be answered as soon as possible so do not hesitate in asking.

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