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How to Turn off Shuffle on Spotify? – 2 Easy Ways

Spotify gives you good quality of music to hear. You can play the songs as the queue is, or you can shuffle the songs if you want to listen to another song on another album. What if you wanted to listen to an album or your playlist just in the queue it was created?

To quick fix that, we will be telling you how to turn off shuffle on Spotify. You can do it on the Spotify app. Did you know that you don’t need the Spotify app on your desktop to play Spotify music? You can use Spotify through your desktop browser as well.

Keep on reading to know how to do that.

How to Turn off Shuffle on Spotify?

You can turn off shuffle on Spotify easily if you have a premium account. If you are using a free Spotify account, then you will have to continue without the shuffle option.

You could use a third-party app without a premium account, but more on that later. Considering you have a premium account, follow these easy steps to turn off shuffle on Spotify.

On Desktop/ Web Player

You have to press the ‘Shuffle’ button on the ‘Now Playing’ bar to turn off the shuffle on the Spotify web player. You will find the icon at the bottom of the page. The button needs to turn grey. If the button has a green dot at its bottom, then it means that the shuffle is on.

How to Turn off Shuffle on Spotify

You can use keyboard shortcuts as well. If you are a Mac user, press “Cmd+S” and if you are a Windows user, press “Ctrl+S” to switch on or off the shuffle button on your desktop or web player.

On Mobile/ Tablet

There are two ways to turn off shuffle on mobile or tablet. One way is just the same as on a desktop, and another way is to look at an album or a song’s details and turn on or off the shuffle. Or you could find the shuffle button right below the play button if you are playing a playlist.

  • Open the ‘Now Playing’ and press the ‘Shuffle’ button.
How to Turn off Shuffle on Spotify


  • Click on the three dots of a song and press the ‘Shuffle’ button.
How to Turn off Shuffle on Spotify

Note: The shuffle has been turned off if the button goes from a green dot to a plain grey button.

How to turn off Shuffle on Spotify without a premium account?

Without a premium account, you cannot turn off shuffle on Spotify. So, you’d have to download the Spotify songs on your phone or desktop with apps like DRmare Spotify Song Downloader.

Once you download it, a shortcut will take you to the Spotify app. You can log in with your free Spotify account here and convert your favorite Spotify tracks to your desired output format. Then, you just click on the ‘Convert’ button to download this converted audio. You can play this on your Android phone or your desktop.

When you are converting a song on your desktop, you can drag the song in the conversion window of DRmare, or you could copy the link of the song and paste it into the conversion window.

On iPhone, you’d have to download TweakBox on your phone, install it and launch the app. Then, click on ‘Spotify++’ to generate a Spotify unofficial premium version for your phone. After that, you can download the songs on your iPhone to listen to.


With the free Spotify account, until it was the web player on the desktop, turning off the shuffle on Spotify was difficult. But with a few tweaks here and there, or with a premium account, it is possible.

We hope this article helped the free Spotify accounts and the premium accounts as well.

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