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How to Turn Off Messenger Calls?

Facebook Messenger allows our friends to call us directly (audio as well as a video call). In a similar way, it also allows us to call them with the help of the app. This feature comes in very handy as we do not have to pay for the calls no matter how long the duration is.

How to turn off calls on Messenger?

However, this feature also has a major drawback and it is that any of your Facebook friends can call you even when they do not have your contact number. It might cause discomfort and irritation and feel like someone is breaching your privacy. Hence, in this article, you’ll learn how to turn off Messenger calls.

Can I Turn Off Notifications on Messenger?

Yes, you can. Open Messenger on your phone. Click on your profile icon and then notification. Make your sound off. If you only want to turn them off for a certain amount of time, you can mute them through that. If you want to turn off notifications from a certain friend, you can mute their chats by opening their chatbox. Simply select the profile icon and tap mute.

How to Turn Off Messenger Calls?

Turning off Messenger calls is important for people who are busy or maybe need some time alone. If you too are someone like that or do not enjoy getting disturbed time and again, this article will surely guide you. Some of the ways through which we can turn off messenger calls are as follows:

  1. Using Facebook on your Desktop/PC
  2. Using Messenger app on phone
  3. Using the settings of your phone

1.Using Facebook on your Desktop/PC

The process to disable calls on messenger is really easy on the browser. All you need to do is:

1. Log into Facebook.

2. Click on the ‘Messenger‘ icon.

How to Turn Off Messenger Calls?

3. Click on ‘the three dot sign‘ you find.

4. A small box appears with multiple options. Toggle the incoming call sounds off.

How to Turn Off Messenger Calls?

5.Now, choose how long you want to disable the calls for.

To disable permanently, click on ‘until I turn it back on’ option and choose disable.

How to Turn Off Messenger Calls?

Now, you cannot completely stop someone from calling you until your unfriend or block them. But through these ways, you can stop the notifications from emerging on your phones and disturbing you.

2. Using Messenger App on Phone

You can disable calls on Messenger using the phone app by:

1. Download and log into messenger app on your phones (android or IOS).

2. Tap on your ‘Profile icon‘.

How to Turn Off Messenger Calls

3. Scroll down to ‘Notifications and Sounds’ option and open it.

How to Turn Off Messenger Calls

3. Toggle the on switch to off.

4. Mute the notifications for up to 24 hours as you please.

How to Turn Off Messenger Calls

Through the phone app, you can only turn off messenger calls as well as message notifications for most of 24 hours.

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3. Using the Settings on Your Phone

All you have to do to turn off messenger calls on your phones through the settings are:

1. Open the phone Settings.

2. Select the ‘Notification’ option you see.

How to Turn Off Messenger Calls

3. Open Messenger from the ‘manage notifications‘ option.

4. Turn off the ‘Allow Notifications’ to turn off the disturbances.

How to Turn Off Messenger Calls

You can turn off your messenger calls from the permission option as well. It is quite similar to the previous method. Here’s How!

1. Choose the ‘permissions‘ option.

2. Choose the ‘app permissions‘ and select Messenger.

3. Click on the calls/phone and you will see options like (Allow, Prohibit and Ask).

4. Choose the option of your desire.

If you choose the ask option, Messenger will always ask for your permission before making a call and if you choose the prohibit option, it will not allow any phone calls till permissions are positive.

Wrapping up

Following these steps, you can easily disable calls on messenger from any device you use. In addition to this, turning off the notifications will turn it off not only for calls but for messages as well. So, you better keep it in mind. And yes, you will still receive calls and messages but they will not pop up loudly and disturb you. You can always see who texted or tried to call you while opening Messenger.

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