How to Transfer Money from Bank Account to eSewa?

Digital Wallets have become very common nowadays. It can be found in almost every mobile phone. eSewa, Nepal’s first online payment service has more than 2 million active users. People prefer doing almost all their transactions using these digital wallets. For this, they need to load money into the wallet which can be done in various ways. One of the popular ways is to load money from a bank account. Here’s how to transfer money from bank account to esewa.

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Bank to eSewa Transfer

You can transfer money from the bank in the eSewa using different methods. You can directly do a counter deposit to your eSewa from the bank using a cash deposit slip. Similarly, you can do Internet and Mobile banking as well for eSewa transfer. So, basically, there are three ways which are:

  1. Mobile Banking
  2. Internet Banking
  3. Counter Deposit

1. Mobile Banking

Bank Partners that support mobile banking.

Mobile banking is an online service offered by banks through which you can conduct inter-bank fund transfers. We have several partner banks and using their mobile banking you can transfer funds to eSewa. You can easily download the mobile banking app of your respective bank account and transfer the money. Follow these steps:

1. Login to Your Mobile Banking App.

how to transfer money from bank account to esewa

2. Click on ‘Payment’ option.

how to transfer money from bank account to esewa

3. Click on ‘Load Wallet’ and select ‘Load eSewa’.

how to transfer money from bank account to esewa

4. Enter the amount, eSewa ID, Account Number and other details.

how to transfer money from bank account to esewa

5. Confirm the details and enter the transaction PIN to proceed.

how to transfer money from bank account to esewa

6. Your transaction will be successful and you can download your details.

how to transfer money from bank account to esewa

You can easily load money in your eSewa account through mobile banking following these steps.

2. Internet Banking

Internet Banking is similar to mobile banking as it also assists users to conduct inter-bank fund transfers. But, the difference is, instead of using a mobile application, users use web browsers.

To load fund through Internet banking, follow the following steps:

1. Open eSewa page from your browser and type your eSewa ID  ( i.e. registered mobile number/ Email ) & password.

load money in eSewa

Step 2: Select ‘Load Fund, option.

load money in eSewa

3. Select Internet banking and your bank from which you want to load eSewa and Log in with your credentials (provided by the bank).

4. Select ‘Utility Payment’ option.

5. Get your OTP password through your email or SMS and tap on submit.

Load Fund in eSewa

6. Select ‘eSewa Service’ from the Utility Payment option.

Load Fund in eSewa

7. Enter the amount to be deposited and eSewa ID  ( i.e. registered mobile number/ Email) and tap on submit.

8. Check the massage if your amount has been deposited and print the slip for your record.

Note: banking service of eSewa can be performed only through partner banks of eSewa.


3. Counter Deposit

Bank Partners that supports counter deposit

Counter deposit is the same as when you deposit your cash in the bank. Visit any of the counter deposit partner banks, there, you will find a separate eSewa voucher. Fill in the details and deposit the amount to your eSewa wallet. eSewa counter deposit voucher will look like the sample below:

To transfer money from bank account to eSewa, follow these steps:

1. Visit the nearest branch of any of our counter deposit accepting partner banks.

2. Fill in the counter deposit voucher as shown in the below sample.

3. Handover voucher and cash to the teller.

4. Amount will be instantly updated to your eSewa wallet.

Note: You do not need to have a bank account in the particular bank to make a counter deposit in your eSewa account.

As explained above, these are different ways to Load Money in an eSewa Account. Make use of these methods, and enjoy cashless payments through eSewa any time, anywhere. Similarly, you can transfer money from eSewa to your bank account as well. Read this article for more information.

How To Transfer Money From eSewa To Bank Account?

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