How to Transfer Balance in NTC? – A Complete Guide

Nepal Telecom Balance Transfer is one of the most useful and popular services Nepal Telecom has been providing. It free of cost and you can do up to 20 transfers per day. There are different methods to transfer balance in NTC. Follow this guide for complete information on Nepal Telecom Balance Transfer; from NTC to NTC.

In our day-to-day life, We often suffer some situation when we don’t have sufficient balance and we are unable to recharge through recharge card, due to its unavailability or use apps like eSewa, Khalti due to a poor or no internet connection. In such a situation, NTC balance transfer becomes the best option. There are different methods which you can choose for this purpose which I will be explaining in detail but there are some terms and conditions which must be followed.

Terms and conditions for NTC Balance Transfer:

  • You are allowed to transfer a balance between Rs. 10 to Rs 500.
  • You can do a maximum of 20 transfer per day.
  • Money can only be transferred only from NTC to NTC.
  • Balance Transfer is only available to Prepaid GSM users
  • The receiver should be active on the NTC network.
  • The receiver will not get any increment in the validity date.

How to transfer balance in NTC?

For transferring the balance in NTC there are main two options, through USSD or via NTC App. Both are very easy to use but the second option needs an Internet connection. Let’s start with the first one!

1. NTC Balance Transfer through USSD

You can transfer the balance from in NTC directly using USSD. It’s a very simple and quick method for a balance transfer. Follow these steps to transfer the balance from NTC to NTC using the USSD code.

1. Get Your Security code by sending a message ‘SCODE’ to 1415.

how to transfer balance in ntc

2. Dial*422*SecurityCode*Destination Number*Amount in Rs.# and you are all done.

Security Code = Code which is 8 digit code obtained from step 1.
Destination Number = Reciever’s mobile number, without postal code like +977.
Amount in Rs. = Amount in Rupees between Rs. 10 to Rs. 500.

how to transfer balance in ntc

2. NTC Transfer balance using Nepal Telecom Mobile App

If you have an internet connection then, you can easily transfer your balance in NTC using its mobile app. This method does not require a security code and is very quick. Follow these steps to transfer balance using Nepal Telecom Mobile App.

1. Download and Install the NTC mobile app.

Click Here to download from PlayStore or AppStore.

transfer balance in ntc

2. Open the app, log in and tap on the ‘Transfer Balance’ option.

how to transfer balance in ntc

3. Enter the Phone Number that you want to send the balance and the amount you want to transfer.

how to transfer balance in ntc

4. Click on ‘OK’ and NTC will send an OTP code (One time password) to your mobile.

how to transfer balance in ntc

5. Enter the OTP code and click on ‘Validate OTP’ to confirm the balance transfer.

how to transfer balance in ntc

6. You are all done and you will get a response like this.

how to transfer balance in ntc

There are other alternative methods too for transferring a balance in NTC mobile like using your ATM, VISA, and MasterCard for recharge as well as various payment service providers like eSewa, Khalti, IMEPay, CellPay, Bank Mobile APP, etc.  Follow the above steps and transfer the balance easily to your desired number.

If You Still have any doubts or any problems let us know in Comment Section.

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