How to Take Loan/Sapati in NTC | NTC Loan Credit System

In our daily life we face some situations when we are in need of mobile balance to make phone call or access internet urgently but we are unable due to insufficient balance.  It becomes more problematic when we don’t have a way to recharge. Some people ask their friends to lend them balance but we can’t always ask them and there might be a situation when there is no shop or way to get recharge our mobile. Nepal Telecom (NTC) has solved the problem now. NTC is now providing loan service to its users.

Nepal Telecom has launched Namaste Credit service, also called as Loan Sapati service. From March 30,2018 the Namaste Credit service is launched fully allowing NTC GSM prepaid customers to make a call even when there is no balance. The service is available free of charge.

This service was being provided by Ncell for a long time but from March,2018 NTC has started this service The prepaid user who have used the sim for at least 3 months are eligible to apply for Ntc loan. Similar to Ncell, you can repay the loan next time you recharge your phone.

The best thing about NTC loan is that the company claims that there will be no extra charges or any service charge for the loan service. You dint have to pay any extra charge for your loan. The loan can be used for making calls, SMS to any networks or to use the internet.

You can take the Ntc  loan as many times as you want, but it requires you to clear the old loan. Ntc loan differs from Ncell loan service as Ntc provides it free of cost whereas Ncell charges you some service charge.

Some important features/Prerequisites:

  • NT prepaid users can take a loan of up to Rs. 40. The credit balance depends on the used-up balance from the account.
  • Same amount will be deducted once the user recharges their mobile balance.
  • The service is free of interest and other service charges.
  • No call Drop if the loan service has been previously activated.
  • NT prepaid SIM cards should be in use for at least three months to use the facility.

Learn the steps on how to get Nepal Telecom (NTC) loan credit service.

To take the credit service after closure: type the message start and send it to 1477.

To get status information about NT credit: type the message status and send it to 1477.

To stop the NT credit service: type the message stop and send it to 1477.

Note: In order to use the NT credit service, customers must be using prepaid NT SIM cards older than 3 months.

NTC Credit service is intended to provide service continuation even if Nepal Telecom mobile customer is having low balance or is out of balance. You can enjoy this service when you have used up your balance and facing difficulty to top up your mobile.

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