How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup in 2022?

Discord, an instant messaging and digital distribution platform that grew immensely popular in recent years. It has really cool features however the default setting allows the application to run as soon as the PC is started. This is quite annoying but fears not as we have put together some ways to stop discord from opening on startup.

Why Does Discord Open on Startup?

Discord automatically opens when you run your computer as Discord is on the startup list on the task manager. By default your discord settings allow the application to start when the PC is started. You can go to the ‘Windows Settings‘ and turn off ‘Open Discord’. You can also easily disable it from the startup list on task manager.

How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup?

When you open/start your PC you may realize that the Discord application also starts running automatically. This is a really annoying problem as it may affect the performance of your PC by slowing its speed and the windows load time. Down below are the two main methods to stop Discord from opening on startup:-

1. Using Discord Settings

1. Open the Discord App and click on the ‘wheel‘ icon at the bottom left.

How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup?

2. Click on ‘Windows Settings‘ that is on the left panel.

3. Turn off the ‘Open Discord’ option and make sure it is not green.

How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup?

2. Using Windows Task Manager

1. Open the ‘Task Manager‘ by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

2. Click on the ‘Startup‘ tab at the top.

3. Locate the Discord App and select it.

4. Select the Disable option.

Wrap Up

As the application is gaining popularity more people are intrigued and want to use it. Though the user experience and features are amazing, this one problem might be giving you a headache when using a PC. In this article, we gave you two very simple ways on how to stop discord from opening on startup. If you have any questions or queries regarding this topic then please feel free to leave them down below. Your queries and questions will be answered as soon as possible.

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