How to Show Dislikes on YouTube?

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How to Show Dislikes on Youtube

YouTube is most certainly the biggest video sharing and social media platforms worldwide. YouTube previously provided its users an option to like, dislike the videos posted in its platform. Users could like or dislike the video and could also see how many others had done the same. But, in November of 2021, YouTube announced that the dislike count would no longer be public.

This brought a lot of controversy stating that the users would not be able to identify if the video was good and reliable or not. You can still see the dislike button on YouTube and even click on it to dislike the video but, the response will only be shown to the creator of the channel and not the general public.

However, there are some alternative ways to get past this problem and show dislikes on YouTube about which you will learn in this article.

How to Show Dislikes on YouTube?

It is said that YouTube removed the dislike count to reduce the dislike attacking behavior of the public and mitigating harassment. But for us public, it is like an invasion of privacy since, we cannot know which content is bad and which is good as we do not have the direct means to compare like with dislikes to know about the reliability of the video. So, to show dislikes on YouTube, you can do so by adding extension. To add extension,

1. Open your web browser and search for ‘Restore YouTube Dislikes’.

How to Show Dislikes on YouTube?

2. Tap on ‘Add to Chrome’.

How to Show Dislikes on YouTube?

3. Click on ‘Add extension’.

How to Show Dislikes on YouTube?

The extension will be added to chrome. This extension will show dislikes on YouTube videos now. You can open YouTube and play a random video. You will notice that the number of dislikes is shown below the video like old times.

How to Show Dislikes on YouTube?

If you want to remove the extension, just:

1. Tap on ‘Remove from Chrome’.

Remove dislike from YouTube

2. Click on ‘Remove’.

Remove dislike from YouTube

The extension will get removed and number of dislikes will disappear.

Why did YouTube remove Dislikes?

Users started attacking dislikes on many content creators and when other people saw increasing number of dislikes on the video, they did the same which ultimately lead to lesser views, traffic and downfall in advertisement. Removing the dislike button help cool down such problems along with protecting major brand and companies from having bad impression and saving them a lot of backlash.

This also helped to reduce the negative impact on people due to controversial comments, helped YouTube compete with other popular and rising video platforms. Also, as people were not able to tell about the quality of video, it increased the overall watch time of contents on YouTube. This is why, YouTube removed dislikes.

Can I show Dislikes on YouTube through phone?

Yes, you can. The majority of the steps involved to show dislikes on YouTube through phone is similar to the ones using desktop. But, you will have to install an extra browser i.e. Lillie’s Repo for iOS devices and Kiwi Browser for android. Then,

1. Once you install the browser, search for ‘Remove YouTube Dislikes’ on it and install it using your preferred web browser.

How to Show Dislikes on YouTube?

2. Open the site and click on ‘Add extension’.

How to Show Dislikes on YouTube?

3. Click on ‘Ok‘.

How to Show Dislikes on YouTube?

4. Open YouTube through that browser and play any random video. You will notice that the number of dislikes on that video appears below it.

How to Show Dislikes on YouTube?

In this way, you can show dislikes on YouTube through phone.

Not just this, if you run a YouTube channel, you can also check who view your YouTube videos. To learn more about this, click here: How to See Who Viewed your YouTube Videos?


Hence, by using these steps listed above in the article, you can now show dislikes on YouTube without any difficulties. This dislike count really helps you filter the quality of the content you are watching. So, if you are researching on an important project or studying through YouTube, it will be better to add that extension.

Hope this article cleared your doubts and now you can show dislikes on YouTube. Leave comments if you have any queries.

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