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How to Share Youtube Video on Instagram Story?

How many of you come across a fun YouTube video and want to share it with your friends? What if you have more than ten friends you want to show it to? And what if copying the link and sending it to people individually is boring?

It would be easier to share the YouTube link as a story on your social media for people to see. The option of only close friends being able to see that story on Instagram makes it that much easier.

So, we are here to teach you how to share Youtube video on Instagram story. You could share the link of the story and add captions telling people to open it. You could do this on your Facebook story too, but you do not get the ‘close friend’ feature there.

How to Share Youtube Video on Instagram Story?

Sharing Youtube videos on Instagram stories just got easier. Unexpected people might know about a new video because you shared a clickable link. And there are two ways to share YouTube videos on your Instagram story.

  • Share the YouTube video link
  • Download the video to upload it as a story

You will be using the ‘Link’ option to place a clickable link as your Instagram story. You can upload it for all of your friends to see or choose your close friends to see. If you’ve linked your Facebook account to your Instagram account, your Instagram story can be directly uploaded as your Facebook story too.

And this is how you share the YouTube video link.

1. Open the YouTube video and click ‘Share’.

How to Share Youtube Video on Instagram Story
How to Share Youtube Video on Instagram Story

3. Take a picture or use one from your gallery as your Instagram story, and tap on the sticker icon.   

How to Share Youtube Video on Instagram Story
How to Share Youtube Video on Instagram Story
Paste your copied link on the URL section

6. Click ‘Share to’ after you decide who can see your story.

7. Click ‘Share’.

Press 'Share' on Instagram story

Note: You can move the link’s location from one place to another. When others click the link, they’ll be taken to the YouTube video.

2. Download the video to upload it as a story

You’d have to use third-party apps to download the YouTube video in your phone gallery to upload it as a story. Downloading the video from YouTube directly stores it only on the YouTube server. You can see the video but you can’t upload it as your Instagram story.

Do this to upload the video in your Instagram story once you’ve downloaded the video.

1. Open the Instagram app and swipe left.

Open the Instagram app and swipe left
Open your phone gallery on Instagram

3. Select the downloaded video, and click ‘Share to’.

Click ‘Share to’ and press ‘Share’ on Instagram

4. Press ‘Share’ after deciding who can see your story.

Press 'Share' on Instagram story

Tips on uploading a YouTube video on Instagram

  • Try to use an eye-catching thumbnail
    If you are going to settle for a thumbnail, then make it appealing. If people stop to see the thumbnail, you have more chances of people opening the video. You never know if someone unexpected opens the video, or knows about the video through this.
  • Use stickers and texts
    If you write a few things about the video or use texts that pop, there are more chances of more people to see the video. Think about it, if you see a video with only the link versus a video with a link and some text that helps you understand the video better, which one would you pick?


Sharing a YouTube video link like this is a useful feature. You can take this story and upload it on Facebook directly as well.

In the past, you’d need 10k followers to share a YouTube video on Instagram. Now that the requirement isn’t necessary, you can share Youtube video on Instagram story without any issues.

We hope this article helped.

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