How to share YouTube Video On Facebook story?

YouTubers can easily share their videos across social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc but that may not be always fruitful. Nowadays, the craze for sharing viewing stories is increasing and has become one of the most engaging tools. You can also share the YouTube video link on a Facebook story and earn a good viewership for your videos.

Why sharing Youtube Videos On Facebook Story so Important?

The trend of viewing stories is rising and has become one of the best ways for an advertisement too. This is why Twitter has also recently introduced story features in its platform.

So, If you want views on your Youtube, sharing stories would be the best option because an average of 1000-1500 visitors view your story if you have 3000-4000 Facebook friends. And if you have a Facebook page, then it can be life-changing for you. Follow this guide to learn to share your videos with your stories.

How To Share Youtube Video Link On Facebook Story?

1. Go to the YouTube video you want to share and tap on the three-dotted vertical lines and tap on ‘Share’.

2. Tap on ‘Facebook Icon’ and tap on ‘Post’ from your timeline.

3. Go to your timeline and tap on ‘Share’ and then tap on ‘Share to your Story’.

4. Adjust tour video and add Caption and emojis if you want and tap on ‘Share Now’.

If you don’t want to post this video to your timeline, you can share your video to your story from your Facebook page or friends’ timeline. Go to the video you want to share and follow the same steps as above.

This is all about sharing your videos in your Facebook stories. Follow these steps and share your videos to your stories and increase your viewers in your channel. Also, don’t forget to share your experience after using this feature.

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