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How to Send Gifs on Snapchat?

Tired of sending boring texts messages to your friends? Want to spice up the conversation and give life to it? Well, worry not because you can now send gifs on Snapchat. Sending gifs and stickers are a great way to make your text more interesting.

Snapchat is a popular app to communicate with your friends. It allows you to not only text but share live video footage and pictures of yourself among your loved ones. This makes the communication more intimate and helps flourish relationship. Among such amazing feature, there is also an option to gifs on snapchat.

Gifs are the livelier version of stickers. You can find a gif to match your words and expression and if you can’t find one, you can also make it yourself. We will look into easy steps to send gifs attached with your message on snapchat throughout this article.

How to Send Gifs on Snapchat?

Sending gifs is a very easy feature available on Snapchat. You can make your texts fun by sharing gifs along with your normal texts messages. There are two ways to send gifs on Snapchat which are addressed below:

  • Send Gifs in Snap
  • Send Gifs in Snapchat Message

Send Gifs in Snap

Adding gifs to your snap will make your snaps more captivating. You can easily do so by following steps as below:

1. Log into your account.

2. Take a snap.

How to Send Gifs on Snapchat?

3. Click the Sticker icon.

How to Send Gifs on Snapchat?

4. Select ‘GIF‘.

How to Send Gifs on Snapchat?

5. Choose a gif of your choice.

How to Send Gifs on Snapchat?

6. Send Snap.

You have now added a gif on your snap.

Send Gifs in Snapchat Message

Instead of adding gifs on your snap each time your communicate, you can send gifs through chat box for convenience. There is no direct feature embedded in Snapchat application to attach gifs. This might seem a little tricky but there are alternatives to achieve the same result. Two ways to make it possible to send gifs on snapchat messages are as follows:

  • Built-in Feature
  • Third Party Application

Built-In Feature

You can find GIF option on your keyboard when you begin writing through your mobile phone. However, it is important to note that this feature might not be available if you are using older version of Android or IOS device. If you have the option, select a gif of your choice and send it. Though there are plenty of free gif applications available for android and IOS that can be added on your keyboard as well.

Send Gifs on Snapchat using built-in feature

Third Party Application

Gif application is freely available in play store and app store for both android and IOS respectively. You can install Gboard from play store for any android device and GIPHY from app store for IOS device. Proceed with the steps as instructed below:

For Android

Install Gboard on your phone and proceed as the instructions suggest:

1. Select ‘Enable In Settings‘ and toggle on the ‘Gboard’.
Send Gifs on Snapchat using third party application
2. ‘Select Input method’ and select the ‘Gboard’ keyboard.
Send Gifs on Snapchat using third party application
3. Click ‘Done‘.
Send Gifs on Snapchat using third party application

Go to your snapchat and open the chat box.

4. Open chat and choose ‘GIF’ from the keyboard.
Send Gifs on Snapchat using third party application
5. Select a gif and send.

You can now send gifs on snapchat messages.


Install the GIPHY app and add it to your keyboards through Settings. Now, go to the snapchat message box and change the keyboard and through your GIPHY keyboard. Send gifs on snapchat message from your IOS device using this application.

Can I Create My Own Gif?

Yes, you can create your own gif through applications found on play store for free. This will allow you to make gif out of pictures on your gallery and also make face gifs right that instance. You can decorate and add texts to the gifs before either saving or uploading it. Install GIPHY app and follow the steps in order below to create your own gif:

1. ‘Get Started‘ and ‘Sign up‘ or ‘Log in‘ a GIPHY account.

 Create My Own Gif?

2. Select ‘Create‘.

 Create My Own Gif?

3. Click on ‘I Agree‘.

 Create My Own Gif?
 Create My Own Gif?

You can add text, filters and stickers in the selected picture.

5. Continue by clicking the Arrow icon.

 Create My Own Gif?

6. Click ‘Save GIF‘ twice.

 Create My Own Gif?


You can enjoy Snapchat to the full extent by learning methods to create and send gifs on snapchat. It will lighten up your conversation and help keep the fun going. In this article we dive into how to create the gif on your own and also send gifs on snapchat. We hope this was a helpful article. Let us know if you have any queries.

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