How to See Who Viewed Your YouTube Videos?

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How to See Who Viewed Your YouTube Videos?

How to see who viewed your YouTube videos is the key to figuring out the statistics of your YouTube channel. How your YouTube videos are doing, and what they are doing is essential to figure out the next direction to take your content creation plan.

Can You See Who Watched Your YouTube Video?

Not directly. You cannot be directed to a tab on your panel that enlists all your viewers. However, you can see the demographics of your YouTube views. You see this in percentage and not exact numbers.

How to See Who Viewed Your YouTube Videos?

You can easily see who viewed your youtube videos using YouTube Analytics.

YouTube Analytics is an in-built analytics tool to access your audience, who they are, what they like and other types of content they are interested in.

It gives you the answers you are searching for in a report form. You could access your data for a specific video or your entire channel as well.

Step 1: Sign in to YouTube Studio.

Step 2: Select ‘Analytics’ from the left-hand side of the page.

How to See Who Viewed Your YouTube Videos?

Step 3: Select ‘Audience‘.

How to See Who Viewed Your YouTube Videos?

What else can you see in the Youtube Audience?

You can see the following important details in the Youtube Audience Analytics:

  1. Top geographies,Age and gender
  2. When your viewers are on YouTube
  3. Watch time from subscribers
  4. Other channels, videos your audience watches
  5. Top subtitle/CC languages

1. Top geograpies, Age and Gender

Youtube Audience Analytics: Top geographies, Age and Gender

Understanding which age, gender, and geography like your content the most help your channel to narrow down the specifics of your audience.

You need to know about your audience to craft what they are looking for and what will be useful to them, and hence back to you too.

Your age, gender, and location will not be specific but will be in a grouped form as shown in the above image.

2. When viewers are on YouTube and unique viewers

Youtube Audience Analytics: When viewers are on YouTube and unique viewers

This is another specification that is a plus to know about.

If you knew at what time, or for how long the viewers stay on the platform, then you could post or schedule it around that time. What this does is that it increases the chance of your video being seen.

Over time, a YouTube channel should organically generate a loyal following, which means you would develop regular viewers. However, if some users have watched your video for the first time, YouTube Studio has a record of it too.

This also circles to find out where these new viewers are coming from. Then you can do your research to figure out what people from that area like and expand your audience.

3. Watch time from subscribers

Youtube Audience Analytics: Watch time from subscribers

This shows how much time have users spent watching your videos. This helps you to find out what receives more views from your channel and that directly links to how engaging your content has been.

The simplification of time consumption helps you to see how long do people watch your video at a time and what keeps them engaged in your content.

4. Other videos your audience watched

Youtube Audience Analytics: Other videos your audience watched

This is one of the important features for creators. You get to know what your audience is looking for tutorials, inspiration, or entertainment.

This also helps you to know the topic your viewers are interested in. you can attract your audience by making videos around a similar topic by taking an idea of what your audience watch.

5. Top subtitle/CC languages

Youtube Audience Analytics: top subtitles/CC languages

This chart gives you information about the top subtitles/CC languages of your YouTube channel. It can be helpful to you in planning your subtitles for the upcoming videos.

After discovering the top subtitles/CC languages, you can explore more in-depth and reveal which languages they speak.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that you need to log in to your YouTube Studio account to see who viewed your YouTube video in the way the YouTube algorithm gives you the details. We hope this article helped.

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