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How To See Saved WiFi Password Easily On Android?

WiFi has become an essential part of life. When people are out of home rather than be in the office, public places, or a friend’s home, they get their mobile logon to WiFi by the responsible person of those places. If you want to see a saved WiFi password, Here is a complete guide for you.

In this article, I will show you the best techniques to see Saved WiFi Passwords on Android. With these methods, you can easily recover the WiFi Passwords without doing root. 

How to See Saved WiFi Password?

It has become very easy now to see the Wi-Fi password of the networks you are already connected to. You can also share the password through a QR code. Follow these steps to easily view saved passwords.

Solution 1: See WiFi Password for Android 10 Users.

Android 10 users can see the saved WiFi password directly from their phones. No rooting or third party app is needed for this. You can view the WiFi password on Android by following simple steps and also share it if you require. Follow these steps to do this.

1: Go to Settings and then Network and Internet.

2: Tap on WiFi at the top of the menu Select the WiFi network you want to view the password for.

3: From the given options in Forget, Connect, and Share. Tap on Share.

4: You can now scan a QR code for sharing the password and see the Password directly under the QR code.

Solution 2: For Xiaomi Phones with MIUI OS

In Xiaomi phones, there is an option to see saved WiFi passwords with other devices through QR codes. For this, you need to scan the QR code. Follow these steps to do this.

1: Go to the ‘Settings – Wi-Fi‘” connect the phone with the desired Wi-Fi network and ‘Tap to share password‘.

View saved WiFi Password

2: Scan the QR code from the ‘Share Wi-Fi network‘. Take screenshots to scan the QR code or scan this QR code with another phone with the QR code scanner app.

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View saved WiFi Password

If you are using Android 9 Pie or older, there are other options that you can follow.

Solution 3: Use an app to see the Wi-Fi Password

Different apps are available in the play store which can help you to view saved WiFi passwords without doing any root. Router Setup Page can help you to fulfil this task. Follow these steps to do this.

1: Open ‘Router Setup Page’ and tap on ‘Open Router Page’.

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View saved WiFi Password

2: Sign in with the Default Username and Password which you get from the app.

View saved WiFi Password

3: Tap on ‘Wireless’ and then ‘Wireless Security’.

View saved WiFi Password

4: Zoom in to see the password of the WiFi you’re connected with.

View saved WiFi Password

Let us know which method worked for you to see the WiFi password on Android.

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