How to Secure Mobile Banking? – 10 Significant Ways

More than 11 million people use Mobile Banking in Nepal until last December as per the latest statistics from Nepal Rastra Bank. Are you one of them? If yes, this article is going to be beneficial for you. This article will put forward some points that will tell you how to secure Mobile Banking.

People carry out daily transactions with a big amount through Mobile Banking. This can be risky if one has not secured his/her Mobile Banking. Using it haphazardly can be of great risk. So, we need to secure our Mobile Banking if we are using it. Hence, I am going to deal with all these as you move further through the article.

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What is Mobile Banking?

mobile banking

Mobile Banking is the utilization of the service of making financial transactions on a mobile device. The service is provided by the bank or any financial institution. Today, Mobile Banking has been such an easy task that transactions and other services can be carried out swiftly.

Benefits of Mobile Banking:

  • It allows you to check the balance in your bank account.
  • You can get the ATM location.
  • You can deposit checks.
  • It prevents you from visiting Credit Union Locations and saves your time.
  • You can even bank while traveling.
  • Daily transactions can be monitored effortlessly.
  • Checking balance before the transaction can help you know whether you are meeting the budgeting goals or not.
  • Applying for a loan from Mobile Banking is available so you need not physically be tortured.
  • As Mobile Banking is free of service charge, you don’t have to pay a single penny for it.

How to Secure Mobile Banking?

Now, we are going to see what are the steps to keep Mobile Banking protected.

  1. Locking the device:
phone lock

Always try keeping your device locked when not in use. This prevents any unauthorized user from accessing your device.

2. Protecting from theft:

phone theft

You should always take care of your phone so that you won’t lose it. There are many tasks that you carry out using your mobile. So, take care of it.

3. Not falling for phishing texts:

Don’t fall into the wrong hands. Palisades Credit Union does not ask for your bank account details. So, never provide such private information to anyone.

4. No public wifi:

Avoid using public wifi for mobile banking. Whenever you are on public wifi, try not making any financial transactions. This may help the hackers get your private information.

5. Using one’s mobile:

We don’t hesitate to use other’s mobile to make transactions when we have some issue with our device. But we often don’t care about the information we left on the phone we just used. That information can let anyone use your account which is quite risky. So, it’s better not to use any phone other than one’s own.

6. Not providing information to others:

leaking information

Mobile banking is a sensitive issue but we often fail to realize this and we share the confidential information with others. Such information is not to be shared with anyone. Either the person may misuse it or unknowingly fall into a trap. But the consequences can be unpleasant.

7. Checking the transaction details:

transaction details

Whenever you make a transaction, check the balance and the details of the transaction. This ensures you the security that you are not losing any extra money from your bank account. So, always be sure about the transaction.

8. Logging out:

log out of mobile banking

People often leave the mobile banking app running in the background (recent apps) without logging out. This can be a serious cause for the leakage of money from your account. If you did this on your phone and forgot to lock it, someone else may misuse your account. And if you made a transaction on other’s phone and left without logging out, you can understand what may happen. Hence, never forget to log out of your account, whether it’s your phone or someone else’s.

9. Changing password regularly:

The password you set to log in is recommended to change after a certain interval of time. The password used for ages can be hacked and you might fall into trouble. Also, remember that the password you set should be strong so that hackers find it difficult to hack.

You can click here to know how to set a strong and secure password.

10. SMS alert:

SMS alert in mobile banking

You can use the service of SMS alerts provided by the bank. This keeps you informed about all that happens with your bank account. If a single penny is withdrawn from your account, you are informed. You are even informed when you are charged for a service from your account. And this service is provided at a very low charge.

So, these steps tell us how to secure mobile banking. Using these steps, we can secure your mobile banking.


Mobile banking is a sensitive issue and requires proper security. One simple mistake can cause a serious problem. Hope the steps mentioned above about how to secure mobile banking prove to be beneficial to you. Keep reading our articles about technical issues and benefits. Feel free to comment us if any.

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