How to Save a GIF from Twitter?

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You may have seen short playing images like media all over Twitter. They are too short to be considered a video but are not exactly a picture. These moving media are known as ‘GIFs‘ and they add character to your words. But if you ever want to extract gifs from Twitter, it certainly is not an easy task to save a gif from Twitter.

This may be to protect users’ privacy and make it a little harder for people to save someone else’s private content on their device. But if a funny gif catches your eyes, you will not directly be able to save it on your device. Twitter gifs are not even actual gifs so even after you save them you will need to convert them into an actual gif to use on another platform.

However, you cannot even think about using the same gif on other platforms if you have not even figured out ways to save a gif from Twitter. In this article, we will see what application can be used to save a gif from Twitter.

How to Save a GIF on Twitter?

As discussed earlier, it is not possible to directly save a gif from Twitter through the application. No feature that could complete such a task has been introduced yet and we highly doubt it will be mentioned any time soon. So, if you really wish to save a gif from Twitter you will have to use a third-party application.

Here we will discuss three separate ways useful for IOS, Android and Desktop to save a gif from Twitter using a third party application.


We have already mentioned how impossible it is to directly download a gif. But to not let IOS users feel disheartened, developers have introduced a variety of applications that can be used to download gifs from Twitter. GIFwrapped is a straightforward application that can be used in the following ways:

1. Log into your Twitter account.

2. Click a GIF and press the share icon.

3. Select ‘Copy link‘.

4. Launch the GIFwrapped app and tap the search bar.

5. Paste the link and press search.

6. Search result will appear, select the gif, and click the share icon.

7. Select ‘Save to Library‘.

8. Choose either ‘Save to Library‘ or ‘Save to Photos‘.

You can easily save a gif from Twitter using this application on your IOS device.

On Android

Android users can also join the fun by downloading a third-party application called ‘Tweet2gif‘, which is available on the play store. Detailed use of the application is demonstrated below:

1. Log into your Twitter account.

2. Click a tweet with the gif.

3. Select the share icon and tap ‘Share via‘.

How to Save a GIF on Twitter?

4. Choose ‘Tweet2gif‘ and click ‘Download GIF‘.

How to Save a GIF on Twitter?

Give Permission by pressing ‘Allow‘ if a pop-up box appear.

5. Once you see the download is complete select ‘Open‘.

How to Save a GIF on Twitter?

This way the gif will be saved on your gallery from Twitter. This is an effortless way to follow if you are an android user.

On Desktop

If you are on a desktop, you can just use a web downloader called Twitter Video Downloader for this task. This way you will not have to worry about installation and can directly copy-paste the URL from the Tweet. Let’s see the full process in the demonstration below:

1. Go to Twitter and log into your account.

2. Click on a Tweet and tap the share icon.

How to Save a GIF on Twitter?

3. Select ‘Copy Link to Tweet‘.

How to Save a GIF on Twitter?

4. Go to Twitter Video Downloader and paste the URL and click ‘Download.

How to Save a GIF on Twitter?

5. Right click ‘Download video‘ and select ‘Save Link as‘.

How to Save a GIF on Twitter?

You can also ‘Copy Link Address‘ and later paste the URL. If you choose to copy the link address you can skip the next step and directly start the conversion process.

6. Select name and location and click ‘Save‘.

How to Save a GIF on Twitter?

You have now generated a video file of the gif from Twitter. You can see the video file on your desktop but cannot use it as a GIF on another platform. To convert the video into GIF you need to follow the given method.

Convert Video into GIF

The gif you save from Twitter using ‘Twitter Video Downloader’ will only allow you to download the video version of the file. You have to use another web application called EZGIF to convert it into a GIF. Let’s see how this application works.

1. Go to EZGIF and choose the video file from your device.
How to Save a GIF on Twitter?

or You can ‘paste video URL‘ as well.

2. Make adjustments (optional).
3. Scroll down and click ‘Convert to GIF‘.
How to Save a GIF on Twitter?
4. Scroll down again and right-click ‘Save‘.
How to Save a GIF on Twitter?

Finally, you can save GIFs from Twitter on your desktop. If your intention is to just have the gif on your computer, you can skip the conversion process.


Twitter sure put us all in a fickle situation by not adding a ‘Save GIF‘ option inbuilt into the application. But thanks to the third-party application we can still save a gif from Twitter. Whether you are an IOS user or an android or even if you just like to use a desktop, you can easily save a gif from Twitter.

We hope this was a helpful article. Let us know if you have any queries.

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