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How to Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an awesome place where you can message your friends, send images, make calls and also contact people if you know their phone number. WhatsApp also has a feature that lets you block users that you do not want to stay in touch with. Now this is great and all but you may want to view the messages that they sent some time in the future. That is why in this article we will looking at the ways to retrieve blocked messages on WhatsApp.

Can You Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp?

There is no one-step process of retrieving blocked messages on WhatsApp. Firstly, you should check your archives to see if your messages are there. If not, then you should have the backup function of the application activated to retrieve your messages. Then you can delete the app and reinstall it and restore the backup. However, the backup must be prior to when the messages were deleted.

How to Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp?

You can try to retrieve your blocked messages on WhatsApp by going through two processes. One is where you can check your archives and search for the conversation and chat there. If you are unlucky with that then you can also use your backup of the app to restore it and retrieve your blocked messages. The only problem with this is that the backup must have been done prior to when the messages were blocked or deleted.

Using Archives

1. Open the app and go to the ‘Chats‘ section.

How to Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp?

2. Press on ‘Archived‘ to view your archived chats.

How to Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp?

3. Search for the Chat you need and press it view your messages.

How to Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp using Archives?

Using Backup

1. Delete the ‘WhatsApp‘ application from your phone.

How to Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp using Backups?

2. Head to the Appstore and reinstall the application.

How to Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp using Backups?

3. After the download is complete follow all the procedures of verification.

How to Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp?

4. The app will recommend you to restore the backup and press ‘Restore‘.

How to Retrieve Blocked Messages on WhatsApp?

Asking Friends For the Messages

If you are really desperate and none of the above methods are working in your favor, then you can manually ask the person to forward the text messages to you. If you are required to see the whole conversation, then you can ask your friend to select all of the messages and simply forward them. This is a unreliable method if you are not in speaking terms with the person or you do not have any other modes of communication with them.

Third Party Apps

There are a few third party apps out there that provide features which lets you access the messages that have already been blocked. However, these apps are likely to be a vault full of harmful virus that are trying to lure you. You are also at a risk of giving away your personal information to suspicious people on the internet. Using third party services and apps are never usually recommended and should be a last option only if you are very desperate.

Wrap Up

Blocking is a very super easy way of ignoring annoying messages on WhatsApp. By blocking you will stop receiving their messages from the point onward and you can use the app at peace. However, some circumstances may lead to you requiring to view the blocked messages in the future. So, if you ever come across this situation follow the steps that are given above in this article so you can quickly view the messages. If you have any questions or queries that you may want to ask, please feel at ease to leave them down below and they will be answered as quickly as possible.

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