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How to Report Someone on Facebook?

Different people with different personalities across the world access social media. Most of who, sadly don’t have good intentions. Facebook took accountability for people posting malicious stuff online and presented with the idea of reporting accounts, posts, comments that directly or indirectly harms people. Here are some easy ways and tips to report someone on Facebook under any reasonable condition.

How to Report Someone of Facebook?

Both mobile phone and desktop users can report people on Facebook through some steps that have been instructed below.

1. Go to the profile you want to report.

2. Press the three dotted icon below the message button and tap on ‘Find support or report profile’ option.

3. Select the reason for reporting that person.

Report someone on facebook

Please make sure that your reason for reporting someone on Facebook is genuine and not to fulfil a personal vendetta against the person.

4. Select any option you want to further refrain any contact with that person.

Reporting a Post

Often, we come across posts that are full of negligence or hatred for another person. At times like that, we have the option to report the post and make Facebook permanently delete the post.

1. Click on the three dotted button at the top-right side of the picture and select “Report Photo” option.

2. Select the reason for your report. You can select “Something Else” option to view additional reasons.

3. Submit the report and facebook will be notified of your action.

Deleting or Reporting a Comment

Business entities or people with certain social media influence could face harsh criticism under their posts. These comments are not always the nicest and could have been written with the intent to hurt the person or the entity. During that time, one can simply delete the comment from Facebook or report the comment.

1. Click on the three dotted button beside the comment.

2. Select “Delete” or “Give feedback or report this comment” option as per your needs to delete or report the comment.

3. Select the reasons for your report from the given options.

4. Submit your report by selecting the “Submit” option.

Reporting a page

People seek attention on social media through various means. To gain likes and increase publicity, people can often post hateful pictures or stuff. You might also have come across dedicated hate pages to celebrities, businesses, or just ordinary people. Now you can contribute to the removal of such awful online behaviour. Make sure to report such a page using the following steps next time.

1. Click on the page you want to report.

2. Click on the three dotted button right beside the search option.

3. Select the “Find support or report Page” option.

4. Choose your possible reasons of reporting the page.

5. After selecting the reason, tap on “Submit” button.

Reporting a Message

People being able to anyone online has opened a gateway to negativity. This results in people spreading rumours or giving direct threats to someone. People also sometimes send unsolicited pictures or pornography pictures, videos, and links. This form of harassment through text messages can be easily reported as well.

1. Open the message box of the person you wish to report.

2. Click on the menu and select the option “Something’s Wrong” from the drop down menu.

3. Select the appropriate reasons for reporting the message.

4. Click on ‘Submit’ option to report the message.


People do not always wish good for you. If you have been getting harassed or bullied online report the account. The anonymity of the person who reports remain intact and if the reason is found to be genuine Facebook will take immediate measures to remove such accounts. Hope this article was helpful to guide you to the step-by-step procedures on how to report someone on Facebook.

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