How to Renew DEMAT Account?

DEMAT account is very common nowadays, as people are largely involved in the share market. If you are also involved in it, renewing the DEMAT account is important for you. Here is the complete guide to help you with all the aspects to renew your DEMAT account.

DEMAT account is mandatory for all types of share transactions in Nepal. You can open a DEMAT account through your respective bank following a similar process as of opening the bank account.

If you haven’t opened your DEMAT account yet, I have already written an article in it which can be helpful to you in opening your DEMAT account.

Check out this article if you need help:

Renew your DEMAT Account Online

As Mero Share accounts need renewal every year, so is the DEMAT account. But In the case of the DEMAT account, you should complete your renewal within the end of the fiscal year (Asar Masanta) regardless of when you have made your DEMAT account.

Opening the DEMAT account costs Rs. 50 and its operating charge is RS. 100 per year. So, You have to renew your DEMAT account, you need to pay the sum of Rs. 100.

In the era of digital transactions, you don’t need to visit banks and make payments. You can easily use digital wallets like eSewa, Khalti, IME Pay, Prabhu Pay, connectIPS, etc to make payments and renew your DEMAT easily.

For your DEMAT renewal, follow these steps:

1. Login to Mero Share Dashboard.

Click Here to Visit Mero Share Web Portal

Click Here to Download Mero Share App

Mero Share Login

2. Click on the ‘Mero Share Profile’ and tap on the ‘Renew Account’ button.

How To Renew DEMAT Account

3. Select the payment wallet from the given options.

How To Renew DEMAT Account

4. Select the service you want to renew (DEMAT or Mero Share account or Both) and click on ‘Proceed’.

Note: DEMAT renewal fee is Rs. 100, MeroShare renewal fee is Rs. 50 and if you want to renew both, then the combined fee will be Rs. 150.

5. Login to your digital wallet.

6. Enter the token received on your SMS or Email and click on ‘Continue Payment’.

7. Enter your user details and proceed.

8. Confirm your user information and click on ‘Continue Payment’.

9. You have completed your payment and download your invoice.

How To Renew DEMAT Account

This was all about renewing your DEMAT account easily online. Renew your account as soon as possible if you have not renewed it yet. If you have any queries regarding this topic, do share them with us through our comment section.

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