How to Remove Someone from Messenger Group?

Group chats on social media platforms like Messenger which were created for a specific agenda can get easily crowded with too many people and too many unrelated conversations. That is why knowing how to remove someone from Messenger Group could be a handy piece of information.

Especially when you can do it without blocking them forever, and when bringing back the topic to the relevant subject didn’t work out.

So, let us tell you how to remove someone from the Messenger group then.

Can you remove someone from a Messenger group without them knowing?

No, you can’t. When someone is removed from a Messenger group, a notification will appear in the group mentioning who removed whom.

It is still better than blocking the person and cutting off complete contact with them, however, the cost here is the knowledge of someone removing someone from the group.

How to Remove Someone from Messenger Group?

You need to be the admin of the group to be able to take this action. And if the situation comes to this, then this is how you remove someone from the Messenger group.

1. Open Messenger and open the group chat that you want to remove someone from

2. Click on the “i” icon and click “See group members”

How to Remove Someone from Messenger Group

3. Tap on the profile of the person you want to remove and click “Remove From Group”

How to Remove Someone from Messenger Group

How to Delete a Group Chat on Messenger for Everyone?

For this too, you have to be an admin. If you are not an admin already, then the admins of the group chat need to select you as one for you to continue with this deletion process.

The admin can use the following process to delete a group chat on Messenger for everyone.

1. Long press the group chat that you want to delete

2. Click the “Delete” button twice to confirm

How to Delete a group chat on Messenger for everyone

And you are done

Can you remove admin in messenger group chat?

As co-admins? Yes.

As a regular member of the group chat? No.

How to bulk remove non-friends from Messenger?

All that is required for a person is to have their phone contacts synced with their Messenger account to be shown suggestions of their phone contacts who might be on Messenger. You do not have to be friends on Facebook to be able to connect on Messenger if you know their contact number and if you’ve synced it on Messenger.

This means that you can get messages from them even if you aren’t friends. Thankfully you can remove these friends both individually or in bulk if there are too many to delete.

And this is how you do it:

1. Open Messenger and click on your profile picture

2. Click on “Phone Contacts” and then on “Manage Contacts”

How to bulk remove non-friends from Messenger

3. Click on “Delete all contacts”

How to bulk remove non-friends from Messenger

To delete a particular person, you can find their contact name with an X on its right. You just click on the X of the contact name you want to delete and you are done.

How to bulk remove non-friends from Messenger

And to prevent this from happening in the future, you just need to select Off to disable uploading your contacts for Messenger to find.

Disable Upload Contacts to not sync phone contacts to Messenger

Click Here to Watch Video Tutorial

How do I remove someone off of my messenger?

If muting, or ignoring their messages isn’t doing the trick then you’d have to either unfriend the person if they are your friends on Facebook, or you’d have to block the person so they cannot reach out to you at all.

You can block a person even if you aren’t friends on Facebook which doesn’t allow them to be able to text, voice call, voice message, or video call you.

Deleting the person’s chat isn’t helping clearly, so you’d have to take extreme measures to stay away for good.


We hope this article helped you to know how to remove someone from Messenger Group.

Let us know in the comments if someone in your Messenger group chat pushed you to search for something like this. Are they still in your group chat?

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