How to Remove Devices From Spotify?

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How to Remove Devices From Spotify

If you have been using Spotify for a some time, chances are that you have entered logged into multiple devices. Now, the question is can you remove devices from Spotify? Whether it is at a friend’s party where you reluctantly gave away your account or whether it was on a fun car ride where you forgot to log out afterwards. Whatever your reason is you can definitely remove devices from Spotify.

Spotify is an entertainment platform that provides you an access to different genres of music along with variants of artist. On top of that you can listen to various podcasts on the platform as well. Spotify has been providing these services both for free and with premium options. The only difference being that you can enjoy music and podcasts offline as well if you upgrade your account to premium.

Premium users can also enjoy adding devices to their account or use multiple device from a single account. In such cases, it is also important to cater in the security factor and know how to remove devices from Spotify. Therefore, moving forward we will look into ways to remove devices from Spotify in this article.

How to Remove Devices From Spotify?

Removing a device is relatively easy task if you are familiar with the application. However, if you are newly subscribed to the app and have constant worry about who and where your account is being used you can follow the instructions provided in the video. You will look into ways to remove devices from Spotify from PC and mobile application.

From PC

To remove device from PC you can either use web browser or Spotify application for desktop. Both ways will be addressed in the article.

Using Web browser

Open a browser of your choice and go to login portal at and follow the steps below:

1. ‘LOG IN‘ your Spotify account.
How to Remove Devices From Spotify?
2. Select ‘Account overview‘.
How to Remove Devices From Spotify?
3. Scroll and choose ‘Sign out everywhere‘.
How to Remove Devices From Spotify?

Your account will automatically be disconnected from all the connected devices. You will have to enter your log in credentials again to access the account.

Using Spotify App

Install Spotify app for desktop and launch the application. Follow the steps as below:

1. Log into your account.
2. Click on the dropdown menu beside your username and select ‘Account‘.
How to Remove Devices From Spotify?

A new tab will open on your browser, redirecting you to a account overview settings.

3. Go to ‘Account Overview‘.
How to Remove Devices From Spotify?
4. Scroll and select ‘Sign out everywhere‘.
How to Remove Devices From Spotify?

This will automatically remove devices from Spotify account. You will have to re-log in to get access to the account.

From Mobile

You can install Spotify app for android or IOS if you haven’t already. It is much easier to select devices individually and log out of that devices if you do not want to remove all devices from Spotify. This can only be possible if you have Premium subscription and have been connected to multiple devices. Follow the instructions in order as below:

1. Open Spotify and Log into the account.

2. Click the Settings icon.

3. Go to ‘Devices‘.

4. Select ‘Devices Menu‘.

You will see a list of devices that have been connected to the account. You can also see whether it is a mobile device or a pc.

5. Locate a device and tap the triple dot menu icon.

6. Select ‘Forget device‘.

You will have the device be removed from your account. Now proceed with the steps as instructed above for all the devices you want to remove. Devices have to be individually removed for this method.

Can I Re-Add the Devices I have Removed from Spotify?

Yes, you can easily re-add the devices from your Spotify account. Removing the devices once does not mean you will be restricted from adding your account from the same device. Your account will not limit any devices from connecting to it. So this means you can re-add the devices that you have removed prior simply by logging into your Spotify account.


Now you no longer have to worry about someone taking advantage of your account. You can monitor your account usage and see which device you want to keep connected to your Spotify account and which device you do not. In this article, we talked about different ways to remove devices from Spotify. We hope this was a helpful article and let us know if you have any queries.

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