How To Register Domain For Free In Nepal?

If you are searching for free domains for your personal blogs or organization then you don’t have to worry as Mercantile Communication provides a free Domain. You can also register Domain For Free In Nepal.

You can register domain for your personal domain. If you have an organization, you can get and for a school, you can get It depends upon your purpose. Here is a complete guide for you to help you to register domain for free.


How To Register Domain For Free In Nepal?

Anyone in Nepal who is a Nepali citizen can get a free domain name. For these you need to fulfil some requirements which are:

  • Nepalese citizenship or passport or driving license
  • Name server – which is provided by the hosting service provider
  • Application for applying domain


Follow these Simple Steps:


1: Browse and enter the domain required and click on the ‘Search’ button to check the availability.


Register Domain For Free

2: If the required Domain Name is available then click on ‘Register Now’ for the next steps. And if not then search again for the available domain name.


Register Domain For Free

3: Tap in ‘Create User’ to go to the login page.


Register Domain For Free

4: Fill up the following details such as Name, Email, and password and click and tap on ‘Create Account’ for registration.


5: Check Your email and click on ‘Verify’ to verify your account.


Register Domain For Free in Nepal

6: Sign in with your Email ID and password.


7: You will be redirected to the Domain request form. Fill up the form dully and ‘Save & Continue’.


Details required for your form to get free domain:



8: Upload your scanned copy of your National ID (Citizenship, Passport or Driving Licence). Along with this, upload a Scanned copy of the handwritten Cover Letter.

Note: The attached file should be in jpg, png, jpeg, gif, SVG file extensions with a maximum of 800 kilobytes.



(Click here to get Format of Cover Letter to Register .NP Domain).



9: Registration of your Domain Name takes a minimum of one day. After registration is complete, you see ‘Active’ status in your registration dashboard and you will receive an email.



This is all about registering Free Domain in Nepal. Follow these steps and register domain for free.

If Still You have any doubt or any problem let us know in Comment Section 


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